Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The trees of Bangalore

Hello Reader,

One primary reason why people migrate to Bangalore from all over the country is certainly the amazing cool weather. Compared to all other major Indian cities, Bangalore is considered the most 
Eco friendly. It is proudly called the garden city, air-cooled city etc. Unfortunately, the city is losing its luster

Never has the greenery of the city allowed the sun to heat up its citizens like this year. Clearly, this is the effect of killing the trees in the recent past. A large number of trees were sacrificed for development of the city and inception of Namma Metro

The summers were never so hot. People never had the necessity of installing a cooler or an Air conditioner in their houses as the cool breeze never gave up. Even if the days were a little hot, the city had a tie up with the rains for an evening shower. Certainly, the clouds have refused to help the citizens anymore as they see the cruelty being pressed on the environment and their greed of making new friends such as Metros and Wide roads. And now, the citizens are missing their old friend.

About three years ago, the picture of Bangalore city, seen from a Satellite view, was the answer why it is called a ‘Garden city’. Now, the green patches have diminished. They are grey now.
Also, you see, in most of the parts, the water tankers supplying water. 
Okay, we want this city to be like Dubai doesn't mean we too must have water scarcity problems!

More than 50,000 trees have been cut in past one year. How many have been planted to compensate that is still a question. Large numbers of old trees were cut down near Lal Bagh which has been giving city’s romantic couples room for spending their unforgettable times for more than 150 years. Known as city’s heritage, may the souls of these trees rest in peace. And, hope that the development authorities don’t construct concrete gravestones in their memory. 

Now, the good news is that the city is giving us time to expiate our mistakes for old friendship’s sake. 
Let us not kick this chance away. What each and every one of us can do is very easy and we all know it. Sow two plants for every one tree being cut. Make the people aware who are still sunbathing outside. Spread this news (tell it to gossip girls for quicker results).  Repeat.

And soon, Bangalore will have its greenery back and it will sing to you, “Hum pe yeh kisne hara rang dala?” and you will answer proudly, “I did it.” 

A small request from our friendly birds:
“Dear Humans,
This summer, help us by keeping a small bowl of water outside your houses, on window panes, terrace, balconies so that we don’t faint to this overheating temperature. Also, chirping and tweeting all day makes us damn thirsty. 
We hope you love us.”