Monday, September 23, 2013

The Nine Flavors

Hello readers,

In Hindi Literature, if you might have studied in your school, we were taught about the 'Nav-rasa' or the nine states of mind or emotions or flavors, as I like to call it. Each 'rasa' leaves behind a different taste. After reading a poem or a story, the reader has the same sense of savor that the author wants to make them feel through his work. Building of an emotion in the reader's mind is the author's talent.

Recalling what my teacher had taught me, the nine 'rasas' are:

1. Shringar Rasa: Feeling of Love and attraction. Lets go for a Coffee?

2. Raudra Rasa: Feeling of Anger and fury. Kill that bastard.

3. Karunya Rasa: Feeling Pity and Compassion. Aww! poor thing.

4. Bhibhatsa Rasa: Disgusting! Feels like Yuck!

5. Bhayanak Rasa: Horror. No, don't turn back.

6. Adbhuta Rasa: Amazement. Yay! I won the lottery.

7. Shanta Rasa: Peace.

8. Veera Rasa: In Heroic mood. THIS IS SPARTA!

9. Hasya Rasa: Comedy. Fall off the terrace, laughing.

So, these are the nine primary Rasas.

I will be posting poems, short stories, haikus and 55s in the coming days under these aesthetics and try to give you the taste of each.

And I invite you all to submit your entries under 'The Nine Flavors'.

Write up stories, poems or whatever that comes in your mind but just remember to mention which Rasa or flavor(s) you have used in your entry(s) at the bottom of your post.

So, now that you have the prompt with you, You can submit your links here or in the comment section below.

Thank You. I hope too see a decent participation.

P.S. This is no contest.
But, the best entries will be given a mention and a Grand Salute by Mithun Da.
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  1. Hey Ashish,
    This really looks like an interesting prompt.... :)

  2. Hi Ashish,
    thanks for inviting me to write for this. It does seem like an interesting topic to write about :)

  3. hey that's really informative about the 9 rasas. I will try to take part in the program

  4. Besides cooking i share an inert love for dance ..

    was discussing the various rasas with my teacher the other day ...

    lovely post

    1. Thats great :)
      hope this was equally informative.. and hope you take part.

  5. Interesting! I'd love to take part!

  6. Interesting! verry interesting!


  7. Very interesting prompt! Looking forward to this :)

    1. great! and i m looking forward to read your post soon :)

  8. Oh! this is so interesting.. I will try to post on each rasa :)

    Cheers Ashish!

  9. That's quite interesting. And thanks for sharing the knowledge of Rasas.

  10. wow quite innovative themes!! :) sure i'll upload as soon as i can :)

  11. thanks for inviting me here.. this is quite informative and a very interesting prompt... will try to take part on it soon.. :)

  12. Seems interesting.. Would like to try :)

  13. First thanks a lot for inviting :) It seems so interesting ! Since mine is a nature blog I will try if there is any possibilities relating to these rasas :)

  14. Hi Ashish, I entered my first post on this prompt. Would try to pen more to cover all of them :)

  15. Hey ashish!! I've uploaded my first "Rasa" and hope i could write up with the other Rasas as well!!! :) check it out ! :) :)

  16. Ashish, I've made a multiple entry.. The Karunya Rasa is in 55 fiction format. Check it out :) and thank you so much for bringing out an innovative contest :) it brings out many emotions inside myself as i brought out compassion after a finished writing the last one . :) keep conducting many contests :) :)

  17. Hello,
    Thank You so much for bringing up this interesting way of expression. It is filled with passion and expression. I love it.

  18. hey.. I wasnt much active for a while .. but I have another one but I see you have closed it. Hence, I am just sharing the link here. :)

    Just for your reference :D

  19. what happened bro???? is your blog inactive ???