Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Mid-day Heal

Hello Reader,

It was much before the Bihar Mid-day meal tragedy that my mother, who teaches in a government school, had told me about how unhealthy is the food that is being served in her school and how carelessly it is cooked. The amount of money spent to buy the raw cooking material is much less than that of being sanctioned to run this scheme. Certainly, there is corruption.

And the result of it, we have all witnessed, is the number of innocent deaths, children falling sick. Blaming the government will be a long process to fight this evil. Because, if we point our finger to someone, he/she shall point it to his/her rival and that will continue and in the meanwhile, more children will die. There will be no results in the end of this blame-game.
So, it is better that we stop cursing our deaf-government and rather help the NGOs to fund these schemes. Why not rely on the people who actually work for the betterment and help them.
One such NGO is The Akshaya Patra Foundation, which I am sure most of you would be aware of.

You can make donations of any amount through this link.

I request all my readers to share this and donate for this good cause. The children need your help.

You can read about the foundation here


  1. Really this is a good cause. Personally I appeal to all readers to contribute for this noble cause.

  2. This is very sad and it really needs more attention....
    BTW; Good to know that you have started doodling too...

  3. corruption is omnipresent in india coursey the government, administration and the common man (we all).

  4. Great cause!Great post.

  5. Great Cause and beautifully captured. I also liked 'Mid day Heal' Food must really wud have been a healer