Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Choose one: Money or Love

Hello Reader

There are times when people ask you to think or speak practically. What do they mean when they say that? They want you to apply your words to the real life examples and rethink for the possibility of what you are saying.
Often happens in the state of great dilemma. Like you have two choices either stay back with your family or move out of the house and explore the world. Being with your family gives you priceless moments and joy. Moving out gives you experience or to be precise: MONEY!! You have to choose between emotions and practicality.

Practically, if you see, nobody can survive without money. So if a person says "I don't need money. I have my love with me". For sure, both him and his love would die of hunger. So it's the money which is making this world move on. To have a shelter to live, cloths to cover yourself and food to eat and survive, all you need is money, money and more money(in case you are too hungry). What would poor people dying of hunger get if you go and show some love, sympathy to them? Give them money and there you go, look at their cheerful faces.

Before some overheated people read my beautiful words and come to knock me. Let me make this clear that i am not at all against love. Let me re write what i stated.

Emotionally, if you see, nobody can survive without love. So if a person says "I don't need love. I m the richest damn thing". For sure, he won't take all that money with him inside his grave. Till the date you are living on this planet is more important. Even if it is just for a few days. Without love and affection, you won't feel like living even if you own Taj Mahal (or if you had no love, for whom would you have built it for?). Eating without your loved ones, without sharing food with them, won't digest your food properly. Humans eat together to share, because they care. And coming to poor people, love binds them. Even in the little they earn, they share it with their family. Sharing is caring and caring is loving. It's the love among them which keeps them moving. An aim to care for their families gives them a reason to live. Though they don't get the high priced comforts but they feel happy to earn whatever is in their reach.

And here's the million dollar dialogue "Money can't buy love". :)

Practicality comes into question in relationships. I don't know from when but it exists. If a guy is attracted (or love, that's what he initially thinks) to girl, he starts with being friends, starting to chat, exchanging numbers, more chatting, dating, more chatting, gifts, spending money, proposing, ring ceremony (if yes), marriage, a magic and finally Kids! Kids, on growing up, proceed the same steps.

Some, very Practical people cut all those steps short starting with a 'hello' and ending up with the 'magic'. As they feel 'magic' is after all the ultimate aim! Very proudly they also call themselves "eff buddies"...which i don't want to elaborate.
Hmm...once again where is the emotion? It dies at the very first 'hello'. The love in those cases never actually begins. There is no shortcut in this case.
So, the real fun lies in following the protocol.

But its always an individuals wish at different stages of his life to chose to be practical or to be emotional?

Thanks for reading.
Practically wrote, emotionally thought,

Credits: Arpita Saha (my friend), for giving me this idea.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do you actually love from your heart?

Hello Readers.

At a point of time in life, everybody falls in love with someone. Then, everything around you seems to be bright and beautiful. This actually happens. You keep waiting for the messages. Every time your phone beeps, you anticipate it to be from your beloved one. You start loving even the most boring love stories of the world. And music and the lyrics drive you crazy, makes you jump and dance.You start writing their name on the cold glass covered with mist when you miss them. You feel each song as if it were written for you. The world around you becomes a poem for you.

Now coming to the point. Do you feel all that from your heart? Emotions and feelings are some actions which get actuated at your brain. Where does this heart come from then? If you see someone amazingly attractive, through your eyes the image is sent to your brain and it makes a special space for him/her in your memory.

What does heart do then?
Pumps and circulates blood. Blood contains the important nutrients which our body needs. That's all. Keeps us alive so that we can live and love other fellow beings. It is not where the feeling of love begins. It's true that Heart does a big job keeping the body working.

Out of 100 people, 99 people would say its Heart. Why?
It's a misconception which through ages is being followed. Aristotle said that heart is the one responsible for doing all these naughty tricks with one's life.Yeah! i m talking about love.
And from that day onwards even though everything is scientifically proved, people sing "Dil se" ..from the heart. It's more like a proverb saying "pyaar dil se hota hai.." but is actually not true. Pyaar dil se nahi Dimaag se hota hai.

Yes, pounding of heart does take increase on finding love of your life. But, even that happens when our body needs more energy that is more nutrients that is increase in circulation of blood. So more pumping. So nobody's inside your heart knocking it from inside.
People say if i have had thought from brain i would have never fallen for him/her.
Oh! my innocent people. Its again all about mind games which people play. Soft corner is a place in your brain not in your heart. Try GPS . Find it again!

What else can be the reason of heart being considered as the reason of people falling in love? the red colour? Again its just blood.

One funny thing about blood is that it flows in both the causes: Love and War. Love or war see the same blood red colour. Hmm!

So think from your brain about what you just read. Heart never thinks.

Thanks for reading.
I have put my heart writing this post.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Revolution in Indian Music

Hello Readers.

I talked a lot about revolution and bringing the change. Today,I dedicate this post to my favorite music composer of all time. Dr. A R Rahman.

He is not just A music composer but a revolutionary. He brought in India such genres and instruments which one would have hardly thought of tasting. From his first album 'Roja', all his work is pure magic.

And his latest album 'Rockstar' has compelled me to write this post. He is the master of all genres of music. Every album of his is a surprise pack. You listen to a very soulful sufi song and the very next song would be a rock, a romantic number, a jazz..u never know! It's like eating a Jalebi after a Pizza :)

He is one of the first to use Electronic Keyboard in India, Bringing the 'digital music' or 'computer music' as many called, First to bring the rap to India. And some instruments you cant even name...'Continuum' being one of them.

He went beyond the rules. He broke the rules. He worked as a Music arranger for many music composers from tamil music industry like Sir Illayaraja in his early stages. Then Jingles for ads and Finally he got such breakthrough and he never looked back after the success of 'Roja'. He did exactly what he wanted to do. Not following any rules or tradition that was popular then. He gave freedom to the musicians and singers working for him. Not following the same old musical arrangements like the trend and made his own new trends. Instead of making a playback singer sing for a particular actor, he imported singers from all over India. Otherwise who would have heard singers like Udit Narayan or Adnan Sami sing a tamil song?

But, as they say Music has no language. Music is always true. It's above all the words. Because Words may lie, music will never.

Though many of the veteran singers hated that. But the Mozart of Chennai didn't care. He did what he wanted and now there is hardly anybody who hates his work. People kept talking and he flew and reached the sky. But the sky is limitless and so is his talent. Limitless.

Rangeela, his first hindi album made him more popular in Hindi film industry. Gave a new definition to patriotism through his song 'Maa tujhe salaam'... And then came a row of music albums. which not only made him popular in India but then the world knew him. He won Grammys and Oscars for his work in his album Slumdog Millionaire. And today he is one musician in the world who has touched nearly all the genres from across the world.

And a special mention to his beautiful creation 'dil se'. This album was a benchmark.

Maestro's priority had always been sound over lyrics. this is one reason that while composing the music some of his self improvised words/ hummings are often used and become catch lines of his compositions. Humma Humma!

Khwaja mere khwaja a song that connects you to a divine power. It's like angels sing together with it. Takes you to a all new world. One song that made my eyes wet.

And then he researched over all the world genres and offered the Indian Audience/ Music freaks something beyond their imagination. here are a few examples to prove that...
Western classical in Yuvvraaj... Indian Classical in most of his albums like Water, Kannathil Muthamittal...actually you find Indian classical mixed with other genres at lots of places...which brings us to fusion...Sufi and qawwalis...the soulful tracks like khwaja, piya haji ali, kun faaya, arziyan are unbeatable. They for sure take you to the parallel world :) Bombay, Lagaan, swades, 1947 earth, jodhaa akbar gave us the sound of indian instruments ..Youth frenzy soundtracks in jaane tu..., rang de basanti. And there were some albums which were Multi cuisine Delhi 6, Taal, Yuvraaj and the latest ROCKSTAR offer us variety. Each song telling us a new story. Each song having different elements which make you go GaGa.

And I hope this Journey goes on...

I really feel proud to be born in his era and lucky enough to have been gifted with a pair of ears through which i m able to listen to his divine Music...

Thanks for reading.
Em off to my headphones. Rockstar is waiting.
See ya!