Saturday, January 3, 2015

Poem: A Sheer Canvas

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
But, Red is in Blood
Blue is in Sorrow too
O’ painter, show me more colours

Sunflowers are Yellow
Leaves are Green
But, Yellow is in Dirt
Green is in Greed too
O’ painter, show me more colours

Lilies are White
Roses are Black
But, White is in Tinge
Black is In Tragedies too
O’ painter, show me no more colours

O’ painter, I choose to be lucid as Water
Unbiased as the Sky and Crystalline as Glass
Paint on me no stained, racial Matter
Let me be honest, and label me,
“A Sheer Canvas”.


The Good Old Hobby List

Hello Reader,

In this first post of the New Year, 2015, I would like to remember some of those hobbies which were important part of my life in my childhood days. Here is a list of those hobbies: 

1.        Collecting Tazos and Tattoos

Chips, Waffers and Bubble gum companies should be thankful to me for growing their business revenues for so many years, for collecting a series of Tazos and Tattoos which came free with them.  A neighbourhood shopkeeper who got to know about my love for these things often helped me in my collection by giving a few tazos or tattoos for free. 

.        Maintaining a Scrapbook

I used to stick up interesting pictures, articles cut out of newspapers and magazines in a landscape-type drawing book with blank white pages. It was a wonderful hobby which my friends and I used to take up especially in the summer and winter vacations and then later share our scrapbooks when our school reopened.

3.        Watching Cartoon Network

I really miss watching cartoon network. It was source of great entertainment and a bit of wisdom too. And, I agree to the fact that the CN nwhich is broadcasted nowadays is nothing compared to the classic cartoon network which had unforgettable shows like Dexter’s Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Popeye, Swat Cats, Looney toons, and how can I not mention Tom and Jerry. The list is endless. 

4.        Collecting Action Figures and Hot Wheels

G. I. Joes, Superhero action figures and Hot Wheels’ cars were my favourite toys and they were always on top of my shopping list whenever I had to use my pocket money. Then me and my friend used to create small movie like stories using them and doing little imagination and brainstorming,

5.        Playing Video Games 

Gaming has upgraded in terms of graphics and dimensions but that joy of playing the cassette Video Games was an era in itself. Half of the summer vacation was occupied playing games like Mario, Contra, Load Runner, Alladin, etc. Again, the list is endless. And, among friends, we exchanged the cassettes to play the games which we were deprived of.

This post is a part of #IndiSpire Prompt of last week: 

What is that old forgotten Hobby of yours, which you want share with everyone

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