Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Poem: For Kohl's Sake

For the painter,
who created this abstract so aesthetic;
For the musician,
who composed this song so sympathetic;
For the poet,
who penned down this poem so rhyming;
For the illusionist,
whose incantations made it so mesmerizing;
And for the kohl’s sake,
I’ll never let your tears congregate,
into a salty lake. 

For your Eyes,
so affable and yet so enigmatic;
For your Voice,
that I listen to everyday, so acoustic;
For your shoulders,
which divide my burden, so agile;
For your lips,
which smile to make me smile;
And for the Kohl’s sake,
I’ll not let that smile fade,
to silly reasons of heart-break.

For the blues,
that I played in your dearth;
For the disparagement,
which brought me down to earth; 
For the malefaction,
which pricked to make me anaesthetic;
For the lies,
to treasure our bond was so plastic;
And for the kohl’s sake,
I forgive you for being equivocal 
and pretending like a fake. 

For the fairy tales,
that we imagined, so melodramatic;
For the nocturnal talks,
when we shared our notions, so telepathic;
For the embracing hugs,
when you were overjoyed, so euphoric; 
For the hilarious gags,
when we laughed out loud, so sarcastic;
And for the kohl’s sake,
I’d never want to share you
even for the biggest piece of cake,
never for the kohl’s sake.