Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Poem: Ink and Muse

Moments of solitude, A tinge of blue and strain,
The festive Winter night was lethargic and Cold as ever
Never expected warmth, No, Not until I met you again
Over the labyrinth of Networks, cozily, holding my shiver.
What dawned, seemed to be a breezy, transcribed raillery
transcending into an abstract, of our synonymous musings. 
On my naked canvas, it was anything but just Not tomfoolery,
We scrawled, of realms, of films, of likings and of feelings. 
With my arid, thirsty Quill, and your awe-inspiring, moist ink 
I breath, to dream, to scribble and to sustain through my lyrical notions 
And Whilst you are my Muse, my August stars would never shrink
As you’d forge them to Aurum, with your Alchemy and your potions. 

I embraced two novel Cronies, as the midnight kissed the clock
It was the beginning of a New Year, of another virgin epoch.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Poem: Santa was Gone

Innocent minds we had, 
anticipating His thespian arrival.
Seated in flocks, we waited,   
listening to the verses of Bible. 

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” He appeared, 
while jingle bells tolled the milieu. 
We all had our shares of euphoria 
before He bid his final adieu.

Every year, our faith, in Him, faded
as our psyche questioned the logic.
We knew there was no Santa, 
or a flying sleigh or any real Magic. 

An impostor with fake white beard, 
Masquerading, Red attire he would don.
Once we discovered the truth, 
Forever, our Santa was Gone.

We forgot, while trying to capture bliss, 
in building a world, that is Materialistic; 
Our grown-up minds failed to learn,
that goodwill, joy were actually, only symbolic. 

Unadulterated minds we had, 
when we sang along the Carol song.
We believed there is a Santa, 
and now I realize we were not wrong.

Merry Christmas to all the Readers and Fellow-Bloggers.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Better Companion

“I haven’t seen him so happy in years”, I overheard my father saying this to my mother. 
And, he wasn’t wrong. It was the best birthday gift I had ever got; a brand new Tablet. Nobody had to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce my state of mind. It was crystal like clear that I was over ecstatic. A few times, I had to force my jaw muscles to control my involuntary ear-to-ear grin.

It was my new best buddy. Pets were never allowed in our house. Neither did I have any siblings. Being a single child was always quite boring. But, this new friend of mine had brought colors into my life. For hours, I wouldn’t leave the Tablet alone. No, I think it was the opposite. There were so many things to keep me occupied. My all time favorite books, the kind of music I like and the addictive games were all at my fingertips. Nobody knew me better than my personalized Tablet. It helped me in project works and assignments too. It was a perfect balance to my work and play. And the best part was that it absorbed all my musings and my diary scribbling. 
Was I bored, anymore? 
No! Who had time for that?

It walked with me till the bedtime. Even though, all the lights were turned off in the night, the Tablet kept me awake till late. And then, I heard my mother protesting me to shut it down and sleep. It was hard to follow her orders though.

One day, I decided to take my Tablet on a morning walk with me to a nearby botanical garden. I found a lone corner near a beautiful pond. Wiped the dust off the ground and sat there cross legged with my Tablet and plugged in my headphones. I clicked a few pictures of the colorful butterflies hovering near me, pushing me to write down an ode. It couldn’t have been a better ambience. In all my good spirits, I scribbled the verse. “Nobody can multitask like you, my friend”, I said and took a satisfactory sigh on finishing my work and got up.

I should have been careful about the winter morning and the moist grass. One wrong step and I lost the grip. It tossed up and the waters looked ready to swallow it with zero signs of remorse. And before my eyes, there was a splash of water in the pond and my friend comfortably drowned into it. I felt sick. Closing my eyes tight, I wished that the mishap never took place. I opened back my eyes, but the confirmation made it even worse.   “What am I going to say to my parents?”  I was shivering, of cold or the fright I was not sure.  “I am so dead”, I was ashamed of myself. Far away, I could listen to a pleasant, yet annoying sound. I concentrated on that.

It was my Tablet waking me up from the nightmare. It was right there beside my pillow, where I had left it last night. I took a deep breath, holding my Lenovo Yoga Tablet and realizing what I possess, I laughed to myself, “That was another unrealistic nightmare; I have a better way to never lose your grip, my friend.”

Written for "Better Way" Contest
Thanks to Lenovo Yoga Tablet 
and IndiBlogger for this Idea.