Saturday, November 29, 2014

For a Cleaner India

Hello Reader, 

It was a Saturday night and I met my flatmates after a usual working week in which we hardly get a chance to see each other due to our mismatch in timings. So, we decided to have some fun and go for a drive to India Gate and roam around on the iconic roads of Delhi all night, in one of my flatmate’s new car.   

We parked our car and walked towards the historic War memorial, India Gate. You might know that India Gate was actually built in remembrance of the martyrs, who sacrificed their lives during the First World War in France and later, an inverted rifle on a black marble stone was placed in middle of the gate which is known as the ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’, for the brave-hearts, who fought during the 1971 war. If you think about it that way, about why it was made and the important history behind it, you‘ll feel proud about our Army and by just standing there, facing the memorial, gives you Goosebumps and incepts a patriotic feeling.

It is fairly crowded most of the times and is surrounded by green grassy gardens, where people enjoy with their friends and family, go for picnics, eat and play around. What they forget to take care of is evident from the picture I have clicked and shared below. 

And all this in the time when movements like Swacch Bharat are getting so much popularity. We saw the popular ministers and actors posing on the TV screens with glorious smiles on the last Independence Day. Also, a strict circular was passed in all the government offices and educational institutes to repeat the same. And the enthusiastic pseudo-nationalists held brooms in their hands and went to their respective work places and swept the dirt around their offices and houses and then later, posed with victory gestures. Was all that only for a day? Is it not our duty to continue that even on the usual days? Yes, it is. But, I am quite sure that the plant pots placed on the staircase corners of almost every Government Building is still painted Maroon with Paan Spitting and littering. 

And spitting, littering, throwing wrappers and polythene bags anywhere will certainly not contribute to make India Cleaner. It is a very bad habit of majority of people in our country who just throw away the waste on the roads, on the railway tracks, platforms, in public buses, trains and near Historic monuments like India Gate. 

I had a similar experience at Wagha Border, in Amritsar, too. People show great enthusiasm and love for India when they rush, in volumes to watch the evening retreat and gather in the gallery and cheer the Soldiers, displaying their strength and ability. All the patriotic, Desh Bhakti songs are loudly played for everyone while the tired visitors (because of all the rushing and running),  kill their thirst and hunger by buying plastic water bottles and Samsosas, Patties and Chips from the BSF Stalls. But what they forget to do is throw away the empty bottles and packets into the many dustbins that are placed there. Also, at India gate, there are too many dustbins placed for everybody’s reach but why they are not effectively used is a question for which I have no answer. 

Yes, they live in this delusional world where they think they are the real country lovers attending retreats and monuments and cheering our soldiers but all that, I think, certainly goes into the dustbin if not those empty wrappers and bottles. If one cannot walk a few extra miles to put a light wrapper in a dustbin, then one’s show of patriotism is as important as that Chips packet, peacefully lying in front of India Gate (in the pic). Can we not put a little more effort to keep our country internally clean, for which our Army men shed their blood and sweat, protecting us from external dirt, day and night, being at places one can’t even imagine to survive? Are we so hopeless? Let’s not be, please.   

I, personally, want to raise my voice against this bad, immoral, improper and unacceptable habit of throwing away waste anywhere and everywhere. This is our Country, our Motherland, not an open dustbin. 

It is very simple to contribute to the garbage spread by the majority by adding more wrappers and bottles to it and reasoning it as “It’s already dirty, what difference will one more wrapper make?” It does make a difference but an unwanted one. 

So, speak up whenever you see someone casually littering around. 

And, join Montu on his campaign to speak up for what is wrong. 

What is #AbMontuBolega Campaign?

#AbMontuBolega campaign is an initiative taken by Strepsils India and Montu, a character played by the talented new actor Saqib Salim, who falls in different social problems and yet, always keeps silent. But, then there is a limit to keep mum . One day, you have to speak up. And that is what this campaign is all about. You can follow and know more about this campaign from these links:

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Let's Get Lucky

Hello Reader,

We all play games on our smartphones and tablets nowadays, right?

When I see that not just the younger generation but also the sexagenarians and septuagenarians complete over high scores in various virtualgames, I see a great boom in gaming business in coming days. Now imagine that if these games are not just about your scorecards and untouchable goodies but also about winning something materialistic. How cool would that be? It would be a life changing game, literally.

The last life changing game that I can think of right now was in the movie Jumanji, starring the amazing Robin Williams, who is caught in a curse of a board game and has to go for exile and live in a jungle for many years. But the game that I want to talk about in this post is nothing that dangerous. It is rather fun and also, you could achieve some really unexpected prizes. A surprise, free Air Travel may be.

The game, called Lucky 6, is developed by FatCat apps and will soon be launched for Android and iOS decives and is first being exclusively launched in India. We know how much Indian love to play lottery and even popular family games like Housie and Cards, which requires both luck and little bit of applying brains. 

What is Lucky 6?

Lucky 6 is a lottery style game where you have to select 6 companies, which are very well known from a list of various companies. After making your choices you wait for the same time to begin and during the game time, depending on the stock value of these companies, you get benefited. So, your winning depends upon the company’s business and your luck.


Once you select the six companies of your choice, a ticket is created mentioning all your selections, like an invoice. These tickets keep track of the stocks of your company and if your choice’s company has the best value, you get the points accordingly. 

Also, you get a username on registering. So, you can add more friends to your profile. On adding, they do not become your competitors but your allies. If they win, you win too. Yes! So add friends. Adding more friends into your network will increase your chance of winning. Isn't it amazing?


I reckon you must try this one out. It’s not like you have to indulge in it all day and waste your time. Give it minute, select companies and sit back and relax. Have a good sleep and wake up to find a message on your phone that you have won a huge Titanic.

I am already playing the game. You can add me @ashishlikenothr and my first game score was 408 which I guess is average.

Another blogger friend of mine Mr.Aravind Passey got a score about 430 which I think is a good score. So I am adding you soon, Sir!

Aren’t you all excited to play this game now? I bet you are.

So go, and Get Lucky. Have fun and Happy Gaming.


Thank you IndiBlogger

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tom and Harry's dilemma

Tom and Harry were best friends since they were sophomores. They had analogous hobbies and pursuits. They both loved listening to The Beatles and loved playing almost every two player game, their favourite being chess. Both of them ate together, drank together and peed together. While all of their other contemporaries hated coming to the classroom, they loved sitting in the first bench together and solving all the mathematics and physics problems before anybody else could even understand the question. Yes, they were very bright in studies, scoring almost similar marks. But they did shock everybody and themselves by scoring exactly equal score in the final year of their high school. Even the teachers were in a state of hysteria and were baffled to see this incredible level of coincidence. 

Further, they both joined college, the same one of course and to nobody’s surprise, chose the same major. It did not take much time for the college guys to make fun of this obscure congruity. They called them ‘homogenous homosexuals’ or in short Homo Homos. But they chided all the allegations and proved their orientation and affection towards females by falling in love with two different girls, Anna and Anna, twins, of course.

They both got married on the same day to the twin girls. Tom got married to Anna and Harry got married to Anna. After another year, they both had their babies (Not Harry and Tom together, mind you). Anna gave birth to Harry and Anna gave birth to Tom. Yes, Harry named his child Tom and Tom named his child Harry. Their children arrived into the world just by a small difference of 2.76 seconds. And that was probably why Tom and Harry cried when they (Tom and Harry) arrived. 

Their life went on peacefully and with no spot of indifference until they started noticing the indifferent behaviour in their children as they grew older. Although they looked alike, Tom’s Harry always seemed happier than Harry’s Tom. This started to bother Tom. He tried everything to make his child smile, but he showed no interest in Tom’s playful mockery to make him happy. He would turn his stoic face away and start crying. He would cry even louder in the night, waking up Tom and Anna. Tom felt helpless. 

He even went further to convince Harry to make his child unhappy as well and Harry being his good friend agreed to it too, but Harry’s Tom would not cry at all. He was a happy child, always smiling. Whenever he would giggle, everybody around would also smile, uncontrollably. 

Tom could not understand what was wrong with his Harry. The Doctors tried their best too, but could not find a proper solution. Doctors almost gave up and so did Tom until one day, when Harry found the missing piece in the mystery while Anna was feeding Tom. Harry found a red bottle lying on the kitchen shelf. After enquiring about it, harry took the red bottle and went up straight to his friend, Tom and explained him everything. 

Agreeing to Harry’s instructions Tom and Anna fed the magical content of the red bottle to their Harry, regularly. And soon, Tom’s Harry was as happy as Harry’s Tom. Now they both had one happy, smiling child. Laughter and Happiness echoed in both their homes. They were both similar again. They both had one Anna each. They both had a black sedan parked in their garage and a red bottle full of magical content in their kitchen shelves. 


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Cyanide and Happiness

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Touch of Love

Malhar would never leave Alimah’s hand. This sounded too quixotic to their friends once. And they always proved their friends wrong.

Although they had been acquainted for three long years, they had never felt any trace of affection for each other before that night of their college trip. They sat opposite to each other, around the bonfire with the rest of their friends; their eyes articulating.  And the fire, on that dark, starry, chilling night, kindled the love in them.

Alimah could not get over the thought of Malhar’s strong hands holding hers, earlier that day, to help her walk over the wooden log bridge to cross the recklessly flowing river. And he could not forget the softness of her shivering hands in his. They looked at each other and they both knew they were meant to be together, always.

She woke up on the second year of their togetherness to find a void space on her bedside. He had already left for work early, without uttering a word. She wished she had not expected any surprises on their anniversary because she had got none. And this feeling shattered her even more. She remembered the last year when he had taken her on a long drive to the Western Ghats and they halted on a small tea shop while it drizzled and they walked hand in hand along the green valleys. This year, there was no rain. Everything seemed dried up, even her tears. She had cried enough for past few months. She had tried enough to bring back the fallen pieces together but failed. 

She decided that she would expect the worst now. She made up her mind to face a divorce, she was ready for it. Maybe, he would return with the legal documents in the evening, she thought. She got up and like all other days, started with her daily chores. 

While dusting their bedroom, she found his diary with a bookmark stuck between it, in a drawer next to their bed. She couldn’t resist to not read and turned to the page where Malhar had written the latest entry. She read it. And by the end of it, she was already up on her feet, about to runaway to him. And while on her way, his words reappeared in her mind. He had written everything that was needed to be said. He had written everything that was needed to rekindle their relationship. 

Alimah stood in his office's reception and a thought struck her that how would she defend herself for reading his diary. But she had no need to solve that query. 

Malhar's voice sent chills down her spine. "I knew you'd come", he said. Alimah turned back to find him standing there, smiling. Alimah couldn't respond. But, a tear rolled down her eye. And that was enough said.

He held her hand. He felt the same softness in her shivering hands. And she felt his strong hands. He looked into her eyes, confidently.

He knew she would definitely read his diary if he kept it in the right place. He knew what to write. He knew he chose the right words. 

Malhar leaned forward to embrace her. And outside, it rained again.



Dream House

Hello Reader,
Ever since I am back from my Dehradun trip, all I have been thinking about is how wonderful would it be to own a house there. Dehradun is a beautiful city to live in. It is surrounded by mountains, on the foothills of the hill station Mussourie, equipped with all amenities, airport connectivity and amazing weather and beautiful people. It is very near to religious and visually delightful places like Rishikesh and Haridwar. Also, Delhi is not far. Yes, bless me Ruskin Bond.   

And by dreaming of owning a house there, certainly I did not dream of an empty house. Like an architect of dreams, just as in the movie Inception, I too have dreamed about the minute details and interiors of that house. It would be a small and big enough 2 BHK. Of which one room, would be my parent’s bedroom and the other bedroom would be mine. I went through a few of many furniture products and home decor ideas from Porcelanosa. And I found what I was looking for: a subtle design for everything, not too big, not too small, but just enough for a comfortable lifestyle.

I found brilliant ideas for furniture and decor, I would like to share a few over here, starting with the living room. 

1.        Living Room

Living room would take up the maximum area and will have a guest seating at one end with easy chairs facing the television and a set of Sofa, around the center tea-table. The other end of the living room would be used for the dining. A small wooden dining for four would be perfect

And one of the walls of the living room would be reserved for a fire place. Yes, I always wanted to have a fire place. But, in India, the temperatures are usually moderate. But, I guess winters will be a great time to relax near a fireplace.  


2.        Bedroom 1

The master bedroom would have a low lying wooden double bed and easy chairs and more importantly, big windows for a great view of the mountains, fresh air and illuminated Mussourie at nights. 

3.        Bedroom 2

Now, this room would be completely dedicated to me, properly lit. Customized as per my wish and hobbies. It would certainly have a bookshelf and all my books arranged on it. On one side of the shelf, would be my bed and on the other  side of it, would be a utility table, for reading, for using my PC and speakers for music. So that I will have options for reading books the way I like: sitting, lying down, rolling.
4.        Kitchen

Kitchen would be open and very next to the dining area. So that the time taken between cooking the food and eating the food is minimized. It would have a chimney placed over the stove and all other kitchen appliances like microwave and refrigerator, just at a hand's reach. Yes, it would be the most convenient Kitchen ever.
5.        Bathroom

A bathroom for each bedroom, attached with toilet and a wardrobe for changing.

6. Exterior

Last but not the least, it would have a little open verandah cum porch, having a cane swing and a small wooden tea table for reading newspaper with the morning tea and savoring the natural beauty of the surroundings.

I guess it would make a perfect, dream 24k home for living.

- Ashish

Thankyou Indiblogger 
and Porcelanosa

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