Monday, November 24, 2014

Let's Get Lucky

Hello Reader,

We all play games on our smartphones and tablets nowadays, right?

When I see that not just the younger generation but also the sexagenarians and septuagenarians complete over high scores in various virtualgames, I see a great boom in gaming business in coming days. Now imagine that if these games are not just about your scorecards and untouchable goodies but also about winning something materialistic. How cool would that be? It would be a life changing game, literally.

The last life changing game that I can think of right now was in the movie Jumanji, starring the amazing Robin Williams, who is caught in a curse of a board game and has to go for exile and live in a jungle for many years. But the game that I want to talk about in this post is nothing that dangerous. It is rather fun and also, you could achieve some really unexpected prizes. A surprise, free Air Travel may be.

The game, called Lucky 6, is developed by FatCat apps and will soon be launched for Android and iOS decives and is first being exclusively launched in India. We know how much Indian love to play lottery and even popular family games like Housie and Cards, which requires both luck and little bit of applying brains. 

What is Lucky 6?

Lucky 6 is a lottery style game where you have to select 6 companies, which are very well known from a list of various companies. After making your choices you wait for the same time to begin and during the game time, depending on the stock value of these companies, you get benefited. So, your winning depends upon the company’s business and your luck.


Once you select the six companies of your choice, a ticket is created mentioning all your selections, like an invoice. These tickets keep track of the stocks of your company and if your choice’s company has the best value, you get the points accordingly. 

Also, you get a username on registering. So, you can add more friends to your profile. On adding, they do not become your competitors but your allies. If they win, you win too. Yes! So add friends. Adding more friends into your network will increase your chance of winning. Isn't it amazing?


I reckon you must try this one out. It’s not like you have to indulge in it all day and waste your time. Give it minute, select companies and sit back and relax. Have a good sleep and wake up to find a message on your phone that you have won a huge Titanic.

I am already playing the game. You can add me @ashishlikenothr and my first game score was 408 which I guess is average.

Another blogger friend of mine Mr.Aravind Passey got a score about 430 which I think is a good score. So I am adding you soon, Sir!

Aren’t you all excited to play this game now? I bet you are.

So go, and Get Lucky. Have fun and Happy Gaming.


Thank you IndiBlogger


  1. Thanks for the mention... :) The ticket that scored has since gone down in the stats column... but then there are new tickets that I am creating whenever there is an opportunity. The game is interesting... and engrossing! :)

    Arvind Passey

    PS: Do read my review of the game please.

  2. I loved the game too Ashish but yet to win something :P Love your review!

    P.S: Did I tell you how AWESOME your new blog's look is!!!! :D