Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dream House

Hello Reader,
Ever since I am back from my Dehradun trip, all I have been thinking about is how wonderful would it be to own a house there. Dehradun is a beautiful city to live in. It is surrounded by mountains, on the foothills of the hill station Mussourie, equipped with all amenities, airport connectivity and amazing weather and beautiful people. It is very near to religious and visually delightful places like Rishikesh and Haridwar. Also, Delhi is not far. Yes, bless me Ruskin Bond.   

And by dreaming of owning a house there, certainly I did not dream of an empty house. Like an architect of dreams, just as in the movie Inception, I too have dreamed about the minute details and interiors of that house. It would be a small and big enough 2 BHK. Of which one room, would be my parent’s bedroom and the other bedroom would be mine. I went through a few of many furniture products and home decor ideas from Porcelanosa. And I found what I was looking for: a subtle design for everything, not too big, not too small, but just enough for a comfortable lifestyle.

I found brilliant ideas for furniture and decor, I would like to share a few over here, starting with the living room. 

1.        Living Room

Living room would take up the maximum area and will have a guest seating at one end with easy chairs facing the television and a set of Sofa, around the center tea-table. The other end of the living room would be used for the dining. A small wooden dining for four would be perfect

And one of the walls of the living room would be reserved for a fire place. Yes, I always wanted to have a fire place. But, in India, the temperatures are usually moderate. But, I guess winters will be a great time to relax near a fireplace.  


2.        Bedroom 1

The master bedroom would have a low lying wooden double bed and easy chairs and more importantly, big windows for a great view of the mountains, fresh air and illuminated Mussourie at nights. 

3.        Bedroom 2

Now, this room would be completely dedicated to me, properly lit. Customized as per my wish and hobbies. It would certainly have a bookshelf and all my books arranged on it. On one side of the shelf, would be my bed and on the other  side of it, would be a utility table, for reading, for using my PC and speakers for music. So that I will have options for reading books the way I like: sitting, lying down, rolling.
4.        Kitchen

Kitchen would be open and very next to the dining area. So that the time taken between cooking the food and eating the food is minimized. It would have a chimney placed over the stove and all other kitchen appliances like microwave and refrigerator, just at a hand's reach. Yes, it would be the most convenient Kitchen ever.
5.        Bathroom

A bathroom for each bedroom, attached with toilet and a wardrobe for changing.

6. Exterior

Last but not the least, it would have a little open verandah cum porch, having a cane swing and a small wooden tea table for reading newspaper with the morning tea and savoring the natural beauty of the surroundings.

I guess it would make a perfect, dream 24k home for living.

- Ashish

Thankyou Indiblogger 
and Porcelanosa

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