Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tom and Harry's dilemma

Tom and Harry were best friends since they were sophomores. They had analogous hobbies and pursuits. They both loved listening to The Beatles and loved playing almost every two player game, their favourite being chess. Both of them ate together, drank together and peed together. While all of their other contemporaries hated coming to the classroom, they loved sitting in the first bench together and solving all the mathematics and physics problems before anybody else could even understand the question. Yes, they were very bright in studies, scoring almost similar marks. But they did shock everybody and themselves by scoring exactly equal score in the final year of their high school. Even the teachers were in a state of hysteria and were baffled to see this incredible level of coincidence. 

Further, they both joined college, the same one of course and to nobody’s surprise, chose the same major. It did not take much time for the college guys to make fun of this obscure congruity. They called them ‘homogenous homosexuals’ or in short Homo Homos. But they chided all the allegations and proved their orientation and affection towards females by falling in love with two different girls, Anna and Anna, twins, of course.

They both got married on the same day to the twin girls. Tom got married to Anna and Harry got married to Anna. After another year, they both had their babies (Not Harry and Tom together, mind you). Anna gave birth to Harry and Anna gave birth to Tom. Yes, Harry named his child Tom and Tom named his child Harry. Their children arrived into the world just by a small difference of 2.76 seconds. And that was probably why Tom and Harry cried when they (Tom and Harry) arrived. 

Their life went on peacefully and with no spot of indifference until they started noticing the indifferent behaviour in their children as they grew older. Although they looked alike, Tom’s Harry always seemed happier than Harry’s Tom. This started to bother Tom. He tried everything to make his child smile, but he showed no interest in Tom’s playful mockery to make him happy. He would turn his stoic face away and start crying. He would cry even louder in the night, waking up Tom and Anna. Tom felt helpless. 

He even went further to convince Harry to make his child unhappy as well and Harry being his good friend agreed to it too, but Harry’s Tom would not cry at all. He was a happy child, always smiling. Whenever he would giggle, everybody around would also smile, uncontrollably. 

Tom could not understand what was wrong with his Harry. The Doctors tried their best too, but could not find a proper solution. Doctors almost gave up and so did Tom until one day, when Harry found the missing piece in the mystery while Anna was feeding Tom. Harry found a red bottle lying on the kitchen shelf. After enquiring about it, harry took the red bottle and went up straight to his friend, Tom and explained him everything. 

Agreeing to Harry’s instructions Tom and Anna fed the magical content of the red bottle to their Harry, regularly. And soon, Tom’s Harry was as happy as Harry’s Tom. Now they both had one happy, smiling child. Laughter and Happiness echoed in both their homes. They were both similar again. They both had one Anna each. They both had a black sedan parked in their garage and a red bottle full of magical content in their kitchen shelves. 


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Cyanide and Happiness

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