Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crash course or cash course ?

Hello readers

Competition growing up like Hell..
and the profit is completely going into the hands of the coaching centers

U "May" get into an IIt or any other college but its sure that they will earn everything they though of !

I feel after the coaching institutes have come up, students are getting more confused.

Boards over and U will start geting calls and advertisements from all the institutes
"CRASH COURSE " ...the range is awesome : Rs 5000 to Rs 20000 whatever. Depemding on the institute. And ya, just for 15 days that is.

What i think is
there should be no coaching institues at all..

What do u think ?... huh !!

Random Post : Socha hai ?

Hello readers,

Here are answers to Farhan Akhtar's questions (FAQs)

"AAsma hai neela kyun"

Coz of tyndal effect - colloid particles present in the air scatter light and we see blue colour.

"paani geela geela kyun"

due to presence of hydrogen bonds in H2O molecules .

"gol kyun hai zameen"

This is due to gravity. Gravity pulls with equal strength in all directions; therefore any variations from a spherical shape will lead to gravitational forces that bring the shape back into that of a sphere.

"silk me hai narmi kyun"

silk is soft because of its molecular structure. In silk, the protein molecules lie side by side in what is called a 'pleated sheet structure', which gives silk its natural soft characteristics.

"aag me hai garmi kyun"

may be coz an exothermic chemical reaction takes place.

"Do aur do paanch kyun nahi"

everyone knows 2+2=4

to be more simple - if i have 2 chocholates and u give me 2 more
i will have 4 then..

(and zero after 5 min... )

"Socha hai ?"

Yes, thats why i am able to answer them !

"Ped ho gaye kum kyun"

Humans - animals - selfishness.

"teen hai ye mausam kyun "

har mausan ko equal time diya gaya hai... ab time kam hone ki vajah se (12 mnths) 3 hi mausam ko accommodation mila.

"chaand do kyun nahi"

Earth has one moon...bahar jaakar dekho. Watch out for other planets some have more than one.

"duniya me hai jung kyun"

coz we the humans make them !

"behta lal rang kyun"

blood absorbs all the colours and reflects back only red colour

"sarhadein hai kyun har kahin "

well which 'sarhad' is been said about
millions of year b4 ...the 2 plates below crust broke..into 2 plates gondwana and sumthing...1 reason is this
and other is due to Political atyachar

"socha hai"

Yes, ofcourse

"Behti kyun hai har nadi"

tats natures fury , who can question it !

"Hoti kya hai roshni"

Light aur kya - electromagnetic waves or partcles called 'photons'.

"barf girti hai kyun"

Snow is a type of precipitation in the form of crystalline water ice, consisting of a multitude of snowflakes that fall from clouds..thats why barf girti hai !

"dost kyun hai roothte"

only coz of 2 reasons - either money or girl !

"baadlo me bilji hai kyun"

Lightning is an atmospheric discharge of electricity usually accompanied by thunder, which typically occurs during thunderstorm .

Facebook: A temporary Refuge?

Facebook – the famous social networking website gaining popularity from last five years has become a part of life for many.

In our class XII English syllabus, we had read a lesson “the third level”, which was based on temporary refuge from our daily routine life which is full of fear, anxiety and tensions.
The main character of the story used to find himself in different places which did not exist in reality.

Same is Facebook. It is not an imaginary place but it is another world in itself. Different from what we are in real. We make our profiles look very different from what we are actually.
The inside of you comes out and expresses itself over there.

You join communities, make new friends. And moreover, you find yourself in a massive crowd, all unknown profiles.

This is not advertising Facebook. This is what I feel.

First Post :

Hello Readers,

First post has to be special.
But, what should I do to make it special?

Should I state that my dog's name is 'shahrukh' or should i comment that slumdog
actually means that indians are dogs !

No, i won't because i don't have any pet and i don't know much about dogs either :)!

Like many, even I own a blog now.
And I am going to post everything that comes across me, in my mind.
This is a real nice way to bring out everything hidden inside you.

And thanks for reading.
And keep on reading, sometimes.