Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Facebook: A temporary Refuge?

Facebook – the famous social networking website gaining popularity from last five years has become a part of life for many.

In our class XII English syllabus, we had read a lesson “the third level”, which was based on temporary refuge from our daily routine life which is full of fear, anxiety and tensions.
The main character of the story used to find himself in different places which did not exist in reality.

Same is Facebook. It is not an imaginary place but it is another world in itself. Different from what we are in real. We make our profiles look very different from what we are actually.
The inside of you comes out and expresses itself over there.

You join communities, make new friends. And moreover, you find yourself in a massive crowd, all unknown profiles.

This is not advertising Facebook. This is what I feel.


  1. ashish ye sab kaha se copy kiya hai yaar ???
    zabardast hai..

  2. copied all that from my own mind ...