Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Poem: For Kohl's Sake

For the painter,
who created this abstract so aesthetic;
For the musician,
who composed this song so sympathetic;
For the poet,
who penned down this poem so rhyming;
For the illusionist,
whose incantations made it so mesmerizing;
And for the kohl’s sake,
I’ll never let your tears congregate,
into a salty lake. 

For your Eyes,
so affable and yet so enigmatic;
For your Voice,
that I listen to everyday, so acoustic;
For your shoulders,
which divide my burden, so agile;
For your lips,
which smile to make me smile;
And for the Kohl’s sake,
I’ll not let that smile fade,
to silly reasons of heart-break.

For the blues,
that I played in your dearth;
For the disparagement,
which brought me down to earth; 
For the malefaction,
which pricked to make me anaesthetic;
For the lies,
to treasure our bond was so plastic;
And for the kohl’s sake,
I forgive you for being equivocal 
and pretending like a fake. 

For the fairy tales,
that we imagined, so melodramatic;
For the nocturnal talks,
when we shared our notions, so telepathic;
For the embracing hugs,
when you were overjoyed, so euphoric; 
For the hilarious gags,
when we laughed out loud, so sarcastic;
And for the kohl’s sake,
I’d never want to share you
even for the biggest piece of cake,
never for the kohl’s sake. 


  1. Superb! Sentiments so deep, veiled under the garb of "for the kohl's sake"...not just the thoughts, but the way you have woven the words is also amazing. Beautiful and refreshing :)
    Keep 'em coming.

    1. Thanks Sudha. Keep reading... that'll inspire me to write more... :)

      and i love your blogs too. :)

  2. beautiful composition --all for the kohl --wow romantic

  3. Amazing ashish. Spell bound at ur talent to pen down something as fine as this !

  4. Really awesome and emotional too.. Eloquent..keep going.. :)

    1. Everybody, except the one for whom this poem was got emotional.. :D

  5. Oh! Beautiful poem Ashish! Loved the way you described the reasons

  6. All for kohl's sake! Much has been said about kohl gracing the eyes of beloved, but this one has a freshness to it, a diiferent meaning altogether. Simply awesome!

    1. Thanks a lot. Keep visiting.. :)

  7. My God! So much for Kohl's sake. :D

  8. Oh my god.. That was really nice.. :-)

  9. For the poet,
    who penned down this poem so rhyming.. good work!! :)