Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do you actually love from your heart?

Hello Readers.

At a point of time in life, everybody falls in love with someone. Then, everything around you seems to be bright and beautiful. This actually happens. You keep waiting for the messages. Every time your phone beeps, you anticipate it to be from your beloved one. You start loving even the most boring love stories of the world. And music and the lyrics drive you crazy, makes you jump and dance.You start writing their name on the cold glass covered with mist when you miss them. You feel each song as if it were written for you. The world around you becomes a poem for you.

Now coming to the point. Do you feel all that from your heart? Emotions and feelings are some actions which get actuated at your brain. Where does this heart come from then? If you see someone amazingly attractive, through your eyes the image is sent to your brain and it makes a special space for him/her in your memory.

What does heart do then?
Pumps and circulates blood. Blood contains the important nutrients which our body needs. That's all. Keeps us alive so that we can live and love other fellow beings. It is not where the feeling of love begins. It's true that Heart does a big job keeping the body working.

Out of 100 people, 99 people would say its Heart. Why?
It's a misconception which through ages is being followed. Aristotle said that heart is the one responsible for doing all these naughty tricks with one's life.Yeah! i m talking about love.
And from that day onwards even though everything is scientifically proved, people sing "Dil se" ..from the heart. It's more like a proverb saying "pyaar dil se hota hai.." but is actually not true. Pyaar dil se nahi Dimaag se hota hai.

Yes, pounding of heart does take increase on finding love of your life. But, even that happens when our body needs more energy that is more nutrients that is increase in circulation of blood. So more pumping. So nobody's inside your heart knocking it from inside.
People say if i have had thought from brain i would have never fallen for him/her.
Oh! my innocent people. Its again all about mind games which people play. Soft corner is a place in your brain not in your heart. Try GPS . Find it again!

What else can be the reason of heart being considered as the reason of people falling in love? the red colour? Again its just blood.

One funny thing about blood is that it flows in both the causes: Love and War. Love or war see the same blood red colour. Hmm!

So think from your brain about what you just read. Heart never thinks.

Thanks for reading.
I have put my heart writing this post.


  1. Yeah, the heart just pumps blood.

    Even orgasm takes place in the brain!


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