Thursday, September 5, 2013

Only for 18+

Hello Reader,

How easy was it to click on the link “Only for 18+” and entering this webpage. Wasn’t it? How do I know if you are really above 18 or not? There are many such websites which gives easy access to any content on the web without even checking on with the person’s eligibility. In an era where the internet is such a common tool and anyone with basic knowledge of using it can access any webpage. No barriers whatsoever. Same goes for the drinking age limit too. How many shopkeepers actually check if you really are 18 or 21 plus? Do they ask for any proof? Not many. Same stands for the movies as well. In most of the cinemas, I assure, for watching an A-rated movie, you won’t be asked for any ID proof, asking your age. So, it is very much clear that a person of age, let’s say 15, can easily access to stuff he shouldn’t be. 

So basically, what is wrong is, a ‘juvenile’ is doing all those things that an adult is doing. But still only because of a number, he is called a ‘juvenile’. Similarly, like other things that are meant only for 18+, punishments too are meant for 18+ only. That’s certainly no logic. But, unfortunately, our courts think it is logical and being law-abiding citizens we have to stand by judge’s decision. Yes, we are obedient and civilized. But, is that enough? Is it really justified for the victim’s parents and the brother who waited to see that the culprit is punished? 

By the way, have you ever read or heard about the Amish people? If not, then let me tell you that they are the most peace-loving people on planet earth. It is a very small breed of people who live life in a very simple way in their own world. Residing in Pennsylvania, these people work as farmers or smiths and stay within their state. The men grow long beard and smoke pipe and women are mostly homemakers. They have no complaints with anyone. They forgive very quickly. There was an incident when a murderer allegedly shot some school children and then himself. The Amish people, though devastated about the incident, not only forgave the murderer’s deeds but also took the responsibility of the dead murderer’s wife and children. 

Well, what happened in India wasn’t very different from that. Now that the ‘juvenile’ has been sent to remand home and to be freed in three or less years is equal to forgiving the accused. Or is it that the court wants the Indian public to handle the ‘juvenile’, once he is set free, in the Arab-way? Only court knows.

And I am really happy that Asaram Bapu was not declared a ‘juvenile’. 

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