Thursday, September 5, 2013

Helping the Indian Rupee

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I have never given much thought about the economy and related stuff. Being a science student, I do not understand much of the core commercial terms. But, I somehow try to pick up while reading the newspaper articles and opinions about the economic crisis and the falling rupee. And like me, there are many who do not understand anything about it but yet find it easy to blame Dr. Manmohan Singh or P. Chidambram because it is easy to understand that it is their responsibility to look after the country’s money and they are not doing their job well. Everyone knows that they have graduated from well-known universities and hence, they are the ones to be held responsible for the crisis even though we, ourselves have no idea how things work.

But my recent readings on all of that has certainly helped me understand one simple thing. And I would like to share this to those who find it difficult to understand it. How can a common man help the falling rupee? The only way we can help the Indian economy is by buying the products being manufactured in India. In very simple words, the import should be reduced and export should be increased. Buying the items that are manufactured by foreign brands should be reduced if not stopped completely. Also, the Indian companies should make an effort to promote their brands world-wide and giving amazing offers and quality products.

We all rely on the foreign brands from the start of our day, be it brushing our teeth, we use Colgate or Close-up. For bathing, we use Dettol, lux or dove soaps and shampoos. Even most of our networks are owned by companies like Vodafone. Where is all the money you spend on these items flowing to? It is all your money which goes out to the foreign companies. And what happens if you use the Indian products like dabur, vicco and BSNL? The money remains within the Indian boundaries, helping the rupee to strengthen which will ultimately reduce the prices of all other commodities as well. 

So, the next time you go out for shopping, do think once before buying and try to go for the Indian brands and products. Help yourselves and your country in the times of economic crisis. 


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