Monday, November 14, 2011

Being Human?

Hello reader
While reading newspaper this morning, I found an article, on how unsafe our country has become for women. It made me feel sick and very angry of the people responsible for it. Only after reading the bitter reality, I have no doubt stating that India is nowhere towards any better. Nothing except population, petrol prices and molestation rates are increasing. 800% rise in molestation cases. Pretty good, isn’t it? What a raise, dude!
I may sound really negative. But I think it’s important to be negative towards negative stuff like these. Really feel sorry for the victims, the girls who go through such a thing and then nobody support them, not even their own families. And why is that? It’s because, they are a considered as a disgrace to the society. They bring home a bad name. People make them feel as they are the guilty-ones rather than victims. People stare at them as if they committed the crime.
The innocent ones are once again blamed and the criminals fly back freely to plan their next crime, their next hunt.
Who is responsible for this bloody pothole?
I have a list of people to blame. First are those who think that the females should be tied back inside the cage. These people who don’t want their own women to leave the house but themselves go out and tease and comment on women they find outside. All because of their low mentality, the way they see a girl and talk about her, may be about her dressing style. These are the people who discriminate them. They don’t consider a girl’s freedom can be ever equal to a boy. It’s her wish! What to do, when to do. Then, society is the word which comes into the picture. What is society? It’s all about law. When a guy can do anything, so can a girl. Remember? That’s why we were taught about the fundamental rights: The Right to Freedom. Who are the people in society to decide that?
The family of the victim comes next. When her own people won’t support her and blame her for being too liberate then certainly she has nothing left in this world, which she can call her own? She can trust nobody, can have faith on nobody. It’s the duty of her family to support her at the worst time of her life. But they prefer to stand by the so called rules of society. Because, they feel they have lost all respect. Well, a parent who can’t support her own child at such a bad time certainly doesn’t deserve any respect. What they deserve is a nice tight slap.
Then the poor security of our country is to be blamed. When a person can walk in and place a bomb inside the parliament, it’s certainly a piece of cake to molest a lonely girl. In the case I read about, the girl wanted to keep the story confidential but because of the stupidity of the police men working in the case were responsible in leaking the story outside. She would have faced lesser shame only if the police could work a bit more smartly. And even if the culprit is caught, what’s the use? He will come out as a reference of some high profile person or bribing the police. They are treated like guests. And the one who is the victim is ill-treated: forcefully interrogated. The doctors who do the report work do the same.
The condition of the victim gets so dreadful that they have to go through a counselling session for days to be something closer to normal. And all this happens only in case the victim is a strong enough person to face it. Otherwise it is certainly a suicide case.
These were the victim’s own words “People look at me and make me realize that I am the one who was raped. It’s horrible.”
It made me sad after reading all this. And I wanted to share it. I really feel sorry for the helpless victims. And it rages me when I think about the vegetable-like people who don’t bother to help this serious issue and don’t want to get into this for the sake of their ‘name’ in the society, the jerks who consider girls as nothing more than a body with no heart and soul, about the criminals, the murderers who deserve to be hanged, are still roaming freely, and the blind society I am living in.

Ashish :(
Everything I wrote is based on true facts.
Courtesy: The Times of India


  1. Well you raised an issue in which our country is ranked 100th, happening every hour of a day!
    According to a report; Every hour, Indian women face two rapes, two kidnappings, four malestation, 7 incidents of cruelty from husband & relatives.
    Also Max'm no. of Indians don't know about their fundamental rights and duties.
    If women can be attacked in public spaces, can they ever venture out without fear in the very cities they are living in..? Its the reality!!

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