Thursday, March 15, 2012

Poem: Back into Harmony

She was always around me,
but anonymous was she,
under the hood,
a locked treasure.
I wish, I snatched her then
and left no regrets remain.
If only, I had found the right key,
had I written the right note on the staff,
up had been my life’s graph.

Love was always in my kit,
but masquerading was it,
behind the veil,
bag full of gold.
I wish, I played together, black and white,
Had I made all pieces fall in the place right.
Those were omens, the singing birds
and the old Radio, my friend.
If only, I listened.

Music was always there,
lost somewhere in the air.
All I had to do is knit the harmony,
to turn monotony into euphony.
The strings are now attached
and my heart now skips a beat
in melodious rhythm and retreat.
It sounds like percussion,
a bell rings
and pushes me on my way, to conquer my Passion.


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  1. Replies
    1. you are right, sir. Should have used 'symphony' instead of 'euphony' ... that too with an 100 piece orchestra. :P
      Thanks... :)

  2. a beautiful composition.. really loved it..

  3. loved the rhyming . . very beautifully penned :)

  4. do include the ' follow me ' gadget on your blog ? i would love to keep track of your posts :)

  5. thankyou Maliny... for reading.
    and on the home page...there is a 'join this site' button on the bottom :)
    I would love to have a frequent reader like you.
    Cheers! Keep blogging.

  6. This is all your poems are :)
    I loved the realisation part and how you showed the entire story is such a musical way ;)