Thursday, July 12, 2012

Your television is crying

Hello Reader

Are all the good writers dead? Are all the good actors dead?
What has happened to the realistic shows such as Malgudi days, Office-Office etc?

Switch on your TV and tune into any Indian channel on a weekday, the first thing you observe is a heavily loaded (with makeup, flashy jewelry and weight) women excreting waterfalls from their eyes and drum beats with temple-bells buzzing in the background. As if God is being cruel to them lifelong and as if they have been seeing only downs and facing hurdles all their life. Oh! please, shut that plastic emotions up. I seriously want to belt the writers of these daily operas. Broadcasting at national level, do they have no sense of writing a real story? If there were a law, these writers would have been given death sentence for writing those senseless, baseless dramas garnished with overacting by the people who try to act. Just to bring a new twist and spice in the tale, the complete theme of the story gets converted into a melodrama even though the show's actual purpose was to meet social issues. If there are 10 shows being broadcast ed on an entertainment channel, 8 of them have the same taste of family drama...containing a huge family living a larger-than-life life. There would be family living a lavish life in a palace or if they have to tell the story of a middle class people, the family would be living in a Mumbai based chaal or slum.

Oh! naive art directors, have you never lived a normal life?  Due to lack of creativity, even the titles are lifted from the old retro songs. And why do they keep on crying? IS there nothing that makes them happy.. or do they cry because of low pay they get. There is too much of negativity in these shows. Why can't they showcase a story that brings smile? And why isn't there no end to a TV show? it keeps on going...decades of crying. Uh! it does make a huge impact on the viewer's life too. A huge percentage of population watches these shows, not because they like it.

Now coming to music channels, MTv and Vtv used to be music channels some years ago. Following the trend, even these so-called youthful channels have been running these dramas.  The real music is lost.
Reality in these shows is hard to find. Reality in reality shows is even hard to find. To attract audience by creating unwanted drama, the real life stories of people are narrated in a filmy way... to gain cheap T.R.P.
Not only reality shows does that but even news channels. God save those news channels who create stupidest news you can ever imagine and actually dare to broadcast it. The range of their creativity is high though...they have been telling us the news of Aliens kidnapping farmer's cows. So it includes kidnapping, aliens, cow and drama. Now do I put that channel under news, entertainment, science, spiritual or just grabage.
Oh yes, how can i forget the spiritual channels. They are the ones who have been making fool out of television watchers. Recently, fortunately, the frauds such has Nirmal Baba have been unveiled who have been talking shit all day in these channels. Now here's the question Who the hell allows them and gives them space to do that on a national TV? It's like promoting con-men in open. Making fool out of people, telling lies publicly is stealing one's right to know the truth. 

I don't know about others but I am certainly fed up of these TV shows. Apart from some, rest all are simply lame.

We really require a lot better and creative story writers.
Indian television should grow up. Really, ASAP!


  1. Channels can broadly be categorized into the following, as per me:
    The Daily Horrifying Soap Channels :)
    The Music Channels
    The News Channels
    The Movies Channels
    The Knowledge Channels
    The Spiritual Channels

    Spiritual Channels and Knowledge based channels are worth spending time on and Music and Movie channels are occasionally scroll-able !

    Its the mainstream daily family drama channels and the daily dramatically representing news channels which really annoy me . Nirmal Baba no matter how big a fraud was but was entertaining for me and many rational Indians who would not miss an opportunity to follow the stand up comedy :D ...... Rest , spiritual gurus speak sense!

    Well, overall the choice is ours which channel to watch and avoid ! Just that its painful to see the female members of family engrossed in watching typical and stereotyped ' revenge of the vamp ' type daily soaps ..elongated unwanted .... gone are the days of nukkad, malgudi days and byomkesh bakshi :)

    1. Yes. This article mainly considers the senseless drama shows.

    2. Senseless and yet so popular among women kind who consider themselves more sensible than men ... :D ... I forgot to mention in my last comment Ashish, It was a very nice read .

  2. Yep, I agree. Those so called reality shows and the never ending serials bring only cultural decay. God forbid!

  3. great man !! i completely second all yr observations and thoughts :) dats d reason ppl who actually watch Tv dese days are those useless bunch who hav nothng much to do ,,creative guys blog :D :P

  4. And the worst thing. Our kids learn life's lessons from these soaps. Better not to have a television at home.

  5. i very true! i have certainly become allergic to television due to sheer lack of creativity and repetitions.
    There is no single good story and the daily soaps go on like they can never end :/
    i seriously wonder how people sit hours watching 'things' on tv...not even news channel are worth watching more than 10min!
    good write up!

  6. Kudos to you Ashish.It is a pain to watch most of these serials.None allows the story to grow at a natural pace.There are umpteen twists which challenge the grey cells--ours,not the writers' or producers'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This is what the a good chunk of the visitors like. TV people depend largely on TRP and sponsoring. I find a lot are real serious abot these seials that they occasionally burn the cereals in their kitchen.
    I always see TLC discovery and National geography or switch to UTV movies. But we are only minorities. Few listen and hear our deep sighs.

  8. Well, the people working on the news channels should definitely start writing scripts for the soap operas. At least kuchh toh entertainment milega.

  9. Right on the nail ashish ! pathetic how creativity crumples in the grips of such people !