Friday, August 17, 2012

Poem: We are hungry

Hello Reader

1. Politician says...
We are not hungry,
but who denies the desserts?
Vote for our party,
you'll love our efforts.
We are all like a family,
helping our deceased, aged mother.
All we need is your blessings,
Big Brother,
pocket-full of currency
and a black leather blazer.
Forget our records,
why to dig the graves of the past?
We fell in the politics of blame game,
all the allegations were simply lame.
We follow the Mahatma,
we believe in patience.
We'll soon be better
than all other nations.
There will be smile, in every next door,
there will be no distress.
just be  with us till the end,
your work is in progress.

2. Common Man says...
We are hungry
but too lazy to cook.
For that we voted some faithful workers,
they all turned out to be crook.
We are resilient and helpless,
just like our deceased, aged mother.
You decide our fate,
we are like those amphibians,
we can sustain in any habitat,
First it were the outsiders,
Now it is you, leaders of our own race,
left us in a mode called disable.
All we can do
is discuss the nation's doom, at the tea table.
We wait for a hero to bring the change,
as doing such a task
is out of our range.
We follow the Mahatma,
we see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
We don't want our hands to be dirty,
or bring any kind of stain on our clean and white veil.

3. Activist says...
And we are hungry 
but for a national cause.
In a hope to change things
though they don’t care about our loss.
We’ll keep fighting
for our deceased, aged mother.
Instead of enduring your cruelty,
we’d die, rather.
We follow the Mahatma, 
we believe in truth.
If you greedy gluttons disagree, 
we’d enlighten the youth.
Every time we try; 
you make sure, we fail.
And before we could scratch, 
you don’t let us grow our nail.
Enough is enough.
It’s time to revisit the August revolution,
nobody can stop our flight to take off.
It is the only path, only solution,
to never let the lantern turn off.


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  1. good one bro. Loved the bitter reality and the sarcasm so wise.

    1. thank you for reading :) keep visiting


  3. It is wow post, Yo have brought out three different takes on politics and prevalent condition of our country very deftly. All our the followers of Mahatama and still there is no congruence.

  4. very nice!! captures the essence of the dissatisfied class really well!

    1. glad you liked. keep reading, tanya

  5. Wow!!!! Awesome lines Ashish :) Just loved the way you wrote the poem from 3 different point of vies:) you got yourself a follower today.....I am following u now:)

    1. you are welcome to my blog, bushra :)

      Thanks a lot

  6. gr8...satire.
    with excellent writing

  7. Loved the different point of views by the politician,common man and the activist. Appropriate poem for the current times.

  8. You've depicted the different hungers wonderfully well.

  9. Revolution, your ishtyle.. Good one.