Thursday, July 11, 2013

Poem: No more strings attached

Gliding down to ground, 
tearing the solitary azure,
an old kite tries to conjure,
It’s missing ancestry.

A family that coloured
the clichéd blue skies,
taught to fall and then rise,
is now buried in history. 

Beautiful chronicle it was,
when feet painted with red mud,
diverse children of equal blood,
raced to grab the falling stars.

Falling to the ground, it found, 
no one to attach back the strings, 
or to revamp its paper wings,
now, full of wrinkles and scars.



  1. Very sad :( Beautiful touching composition Ashish! :)

  2. beautiful poem Ashish. the saga of a Stringless kite.

  3. "An old kite tries to conjure, it's missing ancestry" - Absolutely beautiful. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this!

  4. nice composition, Like the words:'it's missing ancestry'

  5. Wonderful writing :) Sad truth .

  6. Asish, very well written. Through beautiful words you are successful in conjuring up images in the minds of reader and touch the heart with a glint of sadness.