Friday, January 3, 2014

Indian General Elections 2014 with social mobile apps

Hello Reader,

We saw our country captivated.
We followed the leaders who motivated.
We emulated their visionary pursuit.
We learnt to fight, to not stay mute.
And one day, we knew what freedom tastes like.

We believed in their powers.
We trusted and voted showers.
We dreamt along their dreamy promises.
Every morning,
We kept waiting, for the promised sunrises.
And one day, we knew what deceit tastes like.

Yes, we lost faith in our leaders. ‘Leader’ is a very positive word. Politicians are ruling our country now. The same politicians who make promising manifestos and grand campaigns before elections and for the next five ruling years, we do not hear much from them, neither do we see them working on anything big. This is what has been happening for past many years.
Even if one wants to take interest in what’s going on will eventually be so depressed by the repetitive vicious circle, that only phrase one would say is “Let it be”.
We had great leaders, who actually wanted India to grow. They were extinct like dinosaurs and were taken over by nobodies. Even, the citizens lost interest. It was easier to sit at the tea table and blabber “This country is shit! Politicians are dogs!”
It was the best place to exhale all the tension and anger of the whole day.  

A few months back, I spoke to some my friends regarding their future plans. It was obvious that they all wanted a life full of comfort, lots of money, and a girlfriend by their side. But, it was also sad to know that they all wanted to leave India. They wanted to settle in either the US or some other foreign nation. India couldn’t fulfill their needs.

They asked me the same and I differed from their opinions. They also had a reason to laugh on my 'bring a change’ thought. For once, I thought they were not wrong either.
"We have one life, let us enjoy", one said. They have no expectations from this country.

“How does it matter who we vote for?” another friend said. “They are all thieves.”
I really felt lost in the conversation. I had no answers to their questions. They were not wrong either.

Next morning, the Sun finally rose. The newspapers told a story of a New Leader, who was unlike all others. He looked promising. It was the day when Mr. Arvind Kejriwal stepped into politics and formed his own party called AAP.

Now, I had a reason to fight for this cause. To ask my friends to vote, to spread the awareness.
To reach out to the youth and ask them to vote.
To tell them that it is not yet the end. To ask them to not give up on their hopes.
To tell them that India can still shine.
My aim was to reach out to the farthest I can and share my message to the maximum number of youngsters.
The answer was right in my hands. I quickly, typed my message via WeChat and forwarded it to as many as possible:

We can bring the change. 
To dream big, is in our Range.
We can vote for Revolution.
Think! We will win by our own Contribution.
And one day, we will taste Freedom... again


Written for
Vote for India contest by IndiBlogger and WeChat


  1. Very inspiring post Ashish...All the best :)

  2. nice one Ashish :) loved the verse at the end :) all the best!

  3. Nice and inspiring one ...all the best for the contest :)

  4. Its a very motivating post .. I hope this goes viral and inspire others. Good luck with the contest :)

  5. Very hopeful Post, Asish. Best wishes for the contest :)

  6. Positive and yes, I too felt the same when Arvind Kejriwal came with a party called AAP. Let's hope for the best :)

  7. Thank you everyone for reading. But, unfortunately, I just saw this news saying Kejriwal wont fight the 2014 gen elections. But, still, its our duty to be in touch with whats happening and follow the people working efficiently tto vote the best candidate.

  8. Nice blog... Good to read..though full posts!!!

  9. Good to know that u have that feeling of Nationalism in you, which is missing in our country ! Have this spirit always. :)