Friday, February 14, 2014

A School of Hope

A current article from UNICEF says that India is now a Polio-Free nation, which is a proud conquest. A few years ago, there was a Hope that someday we shall witness one such morning. And because of the optimistic attempts that followed, today, we have achieved it. Awareness played a major role to reach this milestone. Had it not been put on big banners, hoardings and celebrities appearing in Television and Radio ads to promote the Polio Camps, it would have been really difficult to reach out to the remotest of the rural areas and tell them how important those two drops are.

But, there are many more milestones to be achieved before we rest. Do we not want to see poverty vanished from our country?

And, once again, joining hands together and not letting down the high hopes in our minds, we can make that happen as well.

One valuable weapon to fight poverty is Education. Education is as important as those two drops of Polio are to a child. It is only because of the lack of education that one illiterate man doesn’t send his children to school, because he finds it to be the reason behind his children’s illness. Those children will remain uneducated. Those children will never have a better life; they will never know how far their hands can reach; they will accept their depravity; they will remain in the bubble of delusion and they will never know that the school was never the actual reason behind their illness.

Even after years of Independence, many rural areas are still in need of a proper school building. Unless, the children, who are the future of our country, are educated, how can we dream of a brighter tomorrow?
Many children are not allowed to enter the school just because of the lower and higher class differences. How is that justified? Everyone has the right to be educated. And even if the government is failing to provide us with the minimum necessary needs, let us not waste time in blaming them or waiting for them to move a stone.

Instead, let us join hands to help some of the visionaries who have already taken the first step in doing so.  I am supporting Mr. Suresh, who is an educator and runs a school named Jnana jyothi Public School, located in a village called Devanhalli Taluka, Karnataka, with 250 children and 10 teachers. He has asked an organization called Milaap to extend a loan for the repair work and renovation of the school as they are short of some funds.

So, if you want to be a part of this Hope Project, you can click on this link to know more about this project and lend some help to them.

This is a small step we can all take to help a few children get proper education. And one of them might discover the cure to one of the lethal diseases or invent the next big thing or be another great visionary.
Trust me, doing this will give you real happiness. 

Thank You
Milaap and IndiBlogger
for this good cause. 


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