Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's all about unity

It was the day I always wanted to witness. The day India was united again. Even after being so colourful, it reflected just one colour: blue. It was the day when India won its second One day international cricket world cup. The triumphant screams still buzz in my head when I remember it. The crowd was on the street celebrating a common festival and dancing to the Indian victory. No political party bias, no caste bias, no religion bias. In fact they all followed just one religion: Cricket. Lovely it was.
The emotion was the same just like that when India won its Independence from the British. The rare emotion of smile and tears could be seen on many faces. It was wonderful to watch the joyous faces of different colours smiling for the same reason. I bet people would have witnessed a similar scene when India was a free nation on 15th August 1947. And all that was made possible by the young and rocking Indian cricket team.
But then, Indian Premier League arrived. It is a game of pure politics and business played by biggest players of the country. No emotions, no heart. Many innocent people of my country start supporting these colourful IPL teams reflecting different colours once again.
To add to this, our honourable politicians are always ready to dig the paths. I can write so much negative about them but I don’t want to. And it’s of no use either. It’s of no use because everybody knows about it. Everybody knows about it but nobody raises their voice against it. Nobody raises their voice because, once again, we all know it’s of no use. But then, some heroic personalities stand up to make a difference. Anna Hazare is the latest name. This man has stood up to bring the change by forcing government to issue a new bill against corruption. I won’t go in much detail about the bill. There were hunger strikes, lathi-charges and lots of conspiracies happening in India once again. And in between all this stood one more man to raise his voice with Anna: Baba Ramdev. The popular yoga guru fell into the scene out of nowhere in support of the bill and many of his own new ideas to erase corruption. Many of which are really lame as I feel. And not only that, he said no to food and water for several days till he was actually so weak that he had to finally stuff in. It’s all up to you to decide if that is for the sake of country’s welfare or publicity.
The fight is still on with lots of debates, strikes, politics and interruptions. The deadline date given by Anna to the government to pass the anti-corruption bill is the next 15th august. The modern Gandhi, as people call him, is all set to go on a strike with a full on expected support by promoting his venture through sms and social networking to the youth. And look, he is trying to repeat the history on the same date.
I am looking forward to it as the cause is really good. It’s not about the cause of stabbing corruption but about the cause of India being united once again to fight against their biggest enemies: the corrupt politicians. It would be just the same like the night of Indian victory. I can wait for my entire life to see such a night again as one such night is enough to satisfy all the pleasures of your life.