Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The History itself is the witness

Continuing from what i had written in my last post, this 65th independence day was indeed different except for the Prime Minister's same old speech and same old promises. But yes, the promise that Anna Hazare made to the people was not broken. He once again knocked the doors of government of India and peacefully appealed for the lokpal bill against corruption. And history has witnessed whenever somebody goes against the system, that person will be suppressed. And today even before Anna and his supporters could make his move, he was arrested. People call it a deja vu of what happened with Gandhiji.

Once again common people of India were on the streets everywhere. Candle march, protests and strikes in every state. Unity was redefined. And all this just after the night of 65th independence day. India has always won when its people get united. Everybody except the government officials, the politicians, were supporting Anna Hazare. Because the politicians are scared that if the bill passes everybody will be behind the bars. Its all transparent.

And like always the young population of the country are on the roads . The Angry birds are all in open to hit the swines (politicians). It was young fighters like Bhagat Singh for India's Independence who are considered as the seed to thousands of such young fighters who are against the system. Even in those days the Congress was the one who made wrong decisions. The time has changed but the scene is the same.

I wish there were no parties like congress, bjp and so many more. There should be just one party. And the best man from the party should be the leader. Having so many parties only brings up more fights and controversies. If party A makes a decision Party B wont agree. And in middle of all this politics, the people suffer. Constitution itself is wrong. Party A rules the centre and B rules the state. How stupid is that!

India and Pakistan were one 64 years ago. Its only because of two different parties that they had to settle with partition and even today the fight over Kashmir is on. Only because of greed of ruling the country. It was Jinnah versus Nehru then. And now its India versus India. Party A versus Party B. State Government versus Central Government.

I am witnessing everything that had happened in 1947 and throughout the freedom struggle in a mordern way though.
Like Bollywood remakes old movies. This is a remake of reality. And as people say Anna Hazare is the new Gandhi. In this way our own Government is our biggest enemy. The fight for poorna swaraj is still on. Long live Revolution!


  1. If our country has only 1 party system then there is every possibility of dictatorship. We should have 2 party system so that wrong decisions are not implemented. And the parties should be run by well educated country loving people rather than money minded business like politicians...I have started to hate the word POLITICIAN. Thanks to the Indian politicians for my hatred.

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