Sunday, April 28, 2013

An open letter to the Indians with Mediocre Thinking

Dear Indians with mediocre-thinking,

This is neither a warning nor a hate letter. This is just a fact that every one of you must know. May be, you have been too busy in your lives to even think about this lately but it is never too late to learn.

It is always your thinking that makes the other person a culprit even if he/she is not. The kind of picture that is painted in your minds about today’s youth is totally wrong. Nobody has converted into a westernized person. We all celebrate every Indian festival and follow every Indian tradition as much as you do, in fact, with more enthusiasm. Yes, there are a few plugins that we love to adopt from the western culture but that should not make us criminals until and unless it is breaking any law. What the society or the religion says comes second.

What is wrong if a group of friends (guys and girls), all above 18 years, having a night out at one of their homes? Are we not allowed to have fun?
What is wrong if your son dating a girl (or a guy)? Isn't that natural?
What is wrong if a girl wants to wear something that she likes? Isn't this her wish?
What is wrong if an eligible guy or girl spends some time in a pub, drinking?

Wrong is when you do not let your children learn this. Wrong is when you give them a confused look when you catch them doing ‘something’. Wrong is when you forbid them to try out something good just because the society is against it. Wrong is when you treat the women in your house like servants. Wrong is when you bitch about the bachelor guy living next door for bringing his girlfriend to his house. How is that disturbing you in any way?

According to you, all this is cheap. You would probably be thinking how today’s youth is attracted more towards evil. No, this is how you think about us and you trust yourself too much. But unfortunately for you, you are not right.  May be you need to refresh your dirty minds.

Well, all this is not at all cheap or evil and is totally natural and in the limits. Giving this a bad name will only make it worse and people will be encapsulated in a mediocre mind-set. If not you, at least let your children have this freedom. All their life your children will be having a wrong impression of it otherwise and they will end up having sexually frustrated and dumb minds. It is only because of this kind of closed thinking why the number of rape cases and gender discrimination has increased so much.

And Stop being jealous just because you couldn't enjoy your youthful days with the kind of freedom that we have these days and give us some space in our lives. Comparing your time with ours is not fair. The time has now changed and the change is good. People now, have more open views about everything and are much more practical and rational thinkers. We know what is wrong and right for us. We know how to respect our elders and our traditions.
Have faith in us and respect us like we respect you. We will never bring any bad name to you. So, Chill out, hot heads.

A youth’s voice.  


  1. Buddy I get your points. I support your first three questions, but fourth one surely not. Whether a guy or girl doesn't matter, I don't see a reason to support drinking. I don't have a single good reason to support drinking. And I have seen otherwise very descent people (always talking about how they know their limits) crossing those limits in drinking unknowingly.
    So this is not natural and surely not in limit.
    You also seem to have blindly got involved in blame game as older generation blames us

    1. I am not supporting drinking.

      But, if some one wants to spend their time doing that... it should not bother anybody else until it is harming them.

      If it is their family member or some one close by, they should certainly stop them from becoming an addict... but not some one who is a stranger.