Sunday, April 28, 2013

Poem: Memories Will Dwell

Today, my boat has reached its shore; 
but now I miss the sailing even more.
While this odyssey reaches its epilogue
the next boat awaits at its prologue.
Another voyage is about to test my valor
but sadly, now I’ll be a lonely sailor.
The time has come to bid a painful farewell, 
and to take away the pearly memories, 
captured in a delicate sea shell. 

That was a carefree era, 
when we expected nothing grand, 
small things made us happy, 
dancing in the rain and aroma of the wet sand.
To be perfect, we were never bound
and life was a whimsical playground.
Meeting those people so down-to-earth, 
gave a whole new reason to my birth. 
Varied emotions, soft like soil,
and hard like rock,
only to live them again,
I Wish I could reverse the clock.

A few days from now,
I might be on cloud number nine,
like a bird, touching the sky,
but will the freedom be mine?
The air will be full of music
but the sounds will be melancholic.
To color the black and white aura, 
memories will help to garnish.
And like flavored smoke,
of the shisha,
this time will vanish.



  1. As always a nice farewell, well expressed.

  2. Farewell - i'll miss my friends too...

  3. very nice poem..really liked it.

  4. Beautiful! Merry and lyrical :)

  5. I would continue the saga .. Beautiful indeed..

  6. it is mostly the experience of sailing good and bad which creates a beautiful memory much more than the shore's achievement :) nicely written !! :)

  7. Life is not about destination but the journey, beautifully expressed poem Ashish :)

  8. hello ashish.
    you have really written such a nice poem.yur words are realy touchy and made me remind my charmful childhood.

  9. Hi again Ashish :)
    I have awarded you the liebster blog award ...congratulations and visit my post for more:

  10. lovely lines.. smiles:)GOD<3U