Sunday, May 19, 2013

When there's a way, Nobody's far away

Hello Reader,

In midst of everyday competition and race to live in the modern world, everything by the end of the day looks very much formal. Nobody, for a second, waits and thinks, “Why am I even struggling so much?” Everybody around is running and so are we, to stick to the flow. And the amount of time we spend while running is so much that the people, for whom we are striving, get neglected. All day we work to earn something for our loved ones. We buy everything, everything but time. We almost forget spending time and sharing a small dose of laughter with the people closest to our hearts. The congested schedules and wearing distances do not permit us to do so. 

Staying away from home, I may have become an independent person but I do miss spending time with my family and friends, talking to them for hours and laughing to the silly jokes. And I have always prayed to god to help me find a way through which I can stay connected with them, talk to them as if they were sitting right next to me, under the same roof. 

The prayers have worked for me, finally. Now I do have a very helping feature on my phone through which they can always be in my reach. WeChat has helped me through this dilemma. When there is a will, there is a way. And using this app, my wish to add the five most important women in my life to the We Chat group and stay connected with them 24 x 7 has found a way. 

1. She has been the source from where I absorbed all the ethical lessons. The moral lied hidden in every little story she narrated to me when I was a child. Now those ethics and principles help me take every small decision in my life. But, of course, sometimes I forget those principles out of those fairy tales in trying to succeed in this corrupt world. How amazing it would be if she could always stay beside me to keep reminding me of those virtuous sagas. Also, I’d love to see the child-like euphoria on her face when, using this smart technology; I’d share my current status and photos. 
It would be magic to my grandmother. 

2. When she is around, you know that you are safe. You never feel insecure in this cruel world, full of boogiemen because you know she is there to protect you. Nobody else would care, but she never forgets to ask if I had taken my food on time. I know how much worried she’d be if I do not inform her from time to time that I am doing well. And We Chat will certainly help me do that. In a fast and easy way, I could drop a voice message, “Yes, Mom, had my breakfast. “ And I’ll always feel that her hand is on my head. I think I miss my mother’s love the most. 

3. A tiresome day could be made light with a tablespoon of craziness. And I would like to spend that bit of tomfoolery with my favourite enemy. She always irritated me with her wicked pranks and sarcastic laughs when I lost a game of snakes and ladders. The race of life is still on but I still prefer the race to the fridge with her where the winning prize was the last piece of chocolate bar left. And how can I forget the wacky nicknames we call each other with. I am sure that’s how I’ll address my little sister on We Chat too.  


4. Been about Five long years since I physically saw her. The circumstances have been pretty coldblooded in keeping us apart. The only hurdle in our love story has been the miles, the physical distance. This is the trouble with long distance relations. Like two points running on a circle’s circumference, we have been shuffling through India, Pune-Bangalore-Delhi-Mumbai-Chennai-Pune, following each other, but never did we meet. Though, the distances between our psyches could never grow and even in the coming days, to keep our love alive, WeChat shall act cupid until our parallel lines finally meet. I would wait for her; after all she is my soul mate

5. They call me schizophrenic now. But, I would never agree because she is always present there. Whenever they ask me about her, I tell them that she is my muse, someone who inspires me to move on in my lonely world. She talks to me, gives me meaning to my life. If ever I am stuck somewhere, she pulls me out. Also, she helps me to keep my creativity safe. It is because of her that my passion of writing never breaks even in a busy schedule. Whether she is real or just my alter-ego, the world is still in doubt. But, I know she is there. Alimah is real. 


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