Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Poem: Epitome of feminism

Hello Reader,

This is great irony that the one who we praise the most is also disrespected in equal measures. Yes, I am talking about the women in our country. We call it a free country and yet, always fail to prove that. Somewhere or the other, everyday, in some form or the other, women are suffering. People want their sons to get the best education, but not their daughters because the fee can be rather used to pay the dowry. Most of them won't say but they'll be happier if a boy is born in their family only because he carries the family surname forward. They won't send her out of their hometown or for higher studies because she has to learn how to carry the household errands. Also, because they think that going outside won't really be safe for her. Oh wait! not her, they are worried about their family's impression.  "Society waale kya bolenge?"
Even if she is allowed, there are a few requisites like wearing a particular kind of apparel. 
And once the girl is married, the in-laws become of the new Nazis. They start testing her talents instead of making her feel at home. They make her realize that her place is the kitchen and she must stay there even if she is more educated than her husband. For improper proportions of sugar in the morning tea or salt in the curry, she has to listen to the curses. Then sometimes she goes through a number of abortions, risking her health, to please her in-laws with a beautiful boy. She might even face a divorce if she fails to do so, who knows? 

But, they fail to learn that even if they tie a bird's feet, it has wings to fly away.

I request all my readers to help them fly away from this discrimination and inequality. They do not deserve this at all. We must take an oath for a good change...

Take a pledge,
to assure her, while she listens,
from the walls of her mother’s womb,
that she will be warmly greeted
and won’t be buried in a clandestine tomb.
She will be allowed to play outdoor and,
no one will dare to snatch her paper and pencils.
She’ll be given education equal to her brother, rather
being lessoned on ‘how to shine your in-law’s utensils’.
To let her decide her wardrobe and her mate
and compose her own empowered verses
because neither our verdict, writes her fate
nor does the society’s curses.
To protect her from the evil eyes
so that the humanity doesn’t get disrobed,
even if there is no one to pay the price,
she must be the last one to be probed.

Ring the bell,
bow before the goddess,
for portrayal of weak as belle,
ask for forgiveness
and for blessing,
to a new uprising.

Make a promise,
to open the cage that entangles her,
to set her free and let her fly,
as for her awaits an infinite open sky. 


This post is written for "Ring the bell for IndiChange" 

Bell Bajao! 
Loud and clear.

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