Monday, June 10, 2013

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Despite of so much of variety and advancement in every electrical and electronics product and online shopping, often it happens that what you get is not as you expected it to be. Many times, consumers feel that they should take a ‘test drive’ before buying the product and to practically use it before they pay for it. 

Another thing that customers want is to compare two or three products of different makes before they purchase it, to select the best in the range. In retail stores, you can open the sealed box and see your product only after you do the payment. So, trying out was not really an option in most of the retail stores. Also, you had to stick to one particular brand with no scope of variance, or else roam around different stores all day and ultimately waste your time in buying a product. 

Reliance digital fulfills this dream of a consumer by providing a space with all the products that one wants to buy, with an array of top notch brands. It gives you total freedom to roam around and survey the products that you desire to buy.  You can practically hold the product and use it yourself, buy it only if it suits you. 

My Experience:

Luckily, I happened to be in Mumbai this week and 
coincidentally I came across this notification where I got to know about visiting a Reliance Digital Store here. I chose R City Mall, Ghatkopar as it was the nearest to the location of my stay.

I walked into the store with my whole family which had people of age ranging from 6 to 60. After leaving them on their own, I went to meet the busy store manager, who was actually expecting me. But, since he was in middle of something, he asked me to wait for a while and go around the store for an ‘experience’.
Though, I have been to Reliance Digital stores in the past a lot, this was the first time with my family. And to my surprise, rather than bored, each one of them were busy looking up to different products in their respective sections. My Mother and Aunt were busy scanning the home appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners), father was already planning to buy the latest monolithic LED television while brother was busy discussing about which is more a worthy buy, a smartphone or a tablet, with the respective sales guy and the kids were busy in the game section, waiting for their turns to grab the Xbox controller. Even I kept myself busy checking out some new digital cameras and SLRs. They had products to please everyone!

The store sales people are really helpful and they do know what they are selling. Not just helping you with your problems but they also suggest you the best buy as per your requisites. Apart from that, there is a separate help desk and a finance provider counter which is really thoughtful and consumer-friendly. For each product Reliance Digital offers great discounts and a parallel option to buy their own ReConnect Products which are equally good as any other brand and much more economical. Also, the after-sales service by their Reliance ResQ group is what is missed at many other stores.

After roaming around the store for a while, I met the manager again, who introduced me to another employee who checked my ID to note my attendance. But, the only minus of the day was that they were out of goodie bag’s stock (a goodie-shock for me) which were supposed to be given but looking at my pitiful face, they did assure me with hopes that I’ll be receiving it soon via courier.

So, with lots of happiness and hopes, I returned back with my family, who by now would certainly be having a lot to buy on their wish-list. 

Big thanks to IndiBlogger and Reliance Digital for this experience.  


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