Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Live, Fearlessly

Hello Reader, 
We have one life and so many constraints to live with. Half of the time we spend in realizing what we want. And by the time we realize it, we have moved on in life. We have to deal with other responsibilities and go with the crowded flowing river.  And then after some good rafting and struggling we encounter our dreams at many moments. But, never have a complete rendezvous unless we feel we are secure enough to take the risk. So, we have one life, we are sure. All we need to have is a bucket-list, to somehow free yourself from all the entanglements and mark a tick to every point on your wish list. 

And, if I had a choice to enjoy my life with no such everyday constraints, this is how my bucket list would look like:

1.       To Write my One Dream Novel 

Well, no doubt. I want to write and publish at least one good book. I definitely am working on it. All I need is a little more seriousness and dedication. 
But I also have to split my time for my job. So, for now, it’s a balance-balance situation. 

2.       To master in a musical instrument

Yes, and record a song with A R Rahman. I am pretty intermediate in playing the Keyboard instruments. And, I need to learn just a few more things and I would be pretty better. So, it will be on my bucket list to take out time for learning the instrument. 

 3.       To Travel the world 

Travelling always gives a great experience. And, going to various places makes one a learned person. I liked The Hobbit for one thing: that the Hobbit chose to break out from his comfortable hobbit hole, on an unexpected journey and when he returns, he returns with a lot of stories to tell and moments to share. Be it with family, friends or you alone, keep travelling. 

 4.       To make many lives happy

Happiness is in giving and sharing. Educating the needy children, visiting orphanages and old age homes, or supporting any good cause is what will make you a worthy human. Otherwise, the usual Wake Up, Eat, Sleep, Repeat routine will be waste of a precious life.

 5.       To own a house in a Hill Station

I have been happiest when I was at places like Shimla, Manali, Ooty, Rishikesh, and Dehradun. If I have enough money, I will probably spend it on buying a nice house in one of the hill stations. There are many obvious reasons for this; it usually stays cool, winters are longer, peace of mind, not crowded, scenic panoramic beauty, and all freshness. So, I have no second thoughts in owning a house at a hill station.

All this can happen; in a very less time if we prioritize in acquiring these wishes and break out from the usual rat race. But, we fear from taking the risk and going out of the way. To jump into the right boat, all we need is a security, a little push which gives us the faith and confidence to take the leap.

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