Saturday, February 28, 2015

Car Upgrade - Now, Quikr Quikrrrrr

Hello Reader,

Gone are the days when buying and selling used items were a difficult task. With the help of websites like Quikr and their new mobile app Quikr NXT, it has become a cake walk to find buyers and sellers. Also, the gap between the buyers and sellers has decreased. With the help of Quikr NXT app one can actually, comfortably chat with the client and discuss on each point clearly and then make the final deal. All you have to do is make an account, upload a picture of your selling item with a few details and wait for the buyer to find it.

For example, if I have to sell my old car and buy a new, better featured car, all I have to do is this:

1.       Wash my car to make it look photogenic. J
2.       Take some good photographs from different angles.
3.       Upload it on the Quikr NXT app.
4.       Categorize it under ‘Cars and Vehicles’.
5.       Write a few details and good words for my car.
6.       Wait for a buyer to bat an eye on my sell.
7.       Like a good Guajarati businessman, convince the buyer over a chat.
8.       Once I get a satisfactory price, I seal the deal.
9.       Exchange my old car for money.
10.   Miss my old car.

Simple! Isn’t it?

The exchange offers which branded showrooms provide are not often satisfactory enough. They offer you a price which you find is not worthy for you lovely old car of which you have taken care of all these years like a baby. You want the best price and it can only be achieved when a trust is built between the buyer and you. And, rather than talking over the phone, where you might forget to mention a few details or get interrupted in between your talk and make you miss a few points, chatting can help you make a thoughtful conversation and written form is always good for future reference. There would be no complaints and allegations later.

So, now that I have sold my old car and have the money, it’s time to move on and buy a new car. Before, going for a brand new car, I would definitely look out for some second hand options. And again, which better place than Quikr to find a good deal. Browsing for a while in the ‘cars and vehicle’ category can find me the exact car I was looking for but at a much lesser price. All I have to make sure is that the condition is good enough and that all the official papers and documents are available. And that I can make sure by having a detailed conversation with the seller himself. No third parties or agents are welcomed.

And then, adding up the money from my savings, may be and the old car money, I ll buy my next, bigger and better car and thank the Quikr NXT app for making the upgrade so easy for me. 

Thank You Indiblogger 
and Quikr NXT for this prompt.


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