Thursday, March 5, 2015

Look Up for Hope

Hello Reader,

Nothing is more disturbing and noisier than the confused thoughts in our head. It’s a mental traffic jam where on every side of the road, the cars and vehicles are stuck, honking horns. The flow stops and everything becomes stagnant. Then, nothing starts to make sense and the thoughts become negative. This leads to stress, sleeplessness and a lot of hair pulling. You can trust me because I have been through it and the worst place anybody can ever get stuck is in their own mind. I have been stuck at more dangerous places like forests and have driven through unsafe roads at night but there is always a hope there and milestones telling that I am on the right path. But, this case makes you lose your hope and very negative thoughts starts to sprout.

And why did it happen to me? May be, post college life generally gives you a little more stress. Life becomes more chaotic and it is natural to happen. The reasons are the same old ones: chronic, home-to-work-work-to-home routine, dearth of a social circle, missing the happening college days, missing friends and family, paying bills and you know the rest. So, much of it gets piled up and the repetitive cycle just never ends. And, then fear embarks killing every little hope and refuses to accept the fact that the good old days are not coming back.

It also hurdled my writing a lot. It took days to work out the thoughts and to find clarity in chaos. Then, one day, some of my friends and I decided to take a break and go on a road trip. So, we backed our bags and went away to the hill stations of Uttarakhand. We stayed there at places which were unplanned and drove to random places and beautiful locations and it wall all a very wonderful experience. I remember when I woke up one morning and the world around me was such a panoramic beauty, eyes opened to see the Himalayan Mountains and the mighty river Ganges flowing along and the sun rays falling on it were the rays of new hope. It was absolutely refreshing and it felt like all the negativity has vanished. It is just about taking little step out of our usual box. I had all the answers that morning and mind could feel the openness in the healing breeze.

And that day I decided to take some trips frequently and make travel a must-do every possible time. Because, staying at one place for too long is really bad for the growth of our brains. And to keep the negativity away and for welcoming positive thoughts, it is very important to travel. Travelling fills you up with great optimism and gifts you many memories to live with.

Before signing off, here is a picture from that trip. Hope. Be positive. Live Happy.

Look Up


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