Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A-B-C to Start With

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When I think about how I got introduced to the world of mobile phones, one name that comes to my mind is Motorola. “Talkabout” was my first mobile phone experience. It was a basic mobile phone with just enough features. Sleek and simple it was. It had a keypad on which I practiced SMSing. To type B, you had to press Button ‘1’ two times or to type C; you had to press Button ‘1’ three times. Just like we begin to learn our first A-B-Cs in school or like we learn to drive our first car with the “A for Accelerator, B for Brakes and C for Clutch” theories, we should also know a few A-B-Cs to choose our first Smartphone. After all, it is a personal device and a digital friend which we always carry with us.

 Motorola TalkAbout (Source)

Let us talkabout the A-B-Cs and count some of the basic things that should be kept in mind while choosing the right Smartphone. We will count till ‘E’ because the Smartphone I am talking about is the new, second generation, MOTO E. Here are five points why MOTO E is just the right Smartphone to start with.
Android Lollipop
Moto E comes with the most recent Android Lollipop OS, directly coming out from the Google’s oven, hot and updated. Plus, it has a stock OS, untouched by unnecessary add-ons which often slow the phone’s speed and drains its battery. The latest Lollipop looks like an amazing UI for a user-friendly, hassle free experience.


At times, when you need your phone the most, its battery dies and that is not good at all. To use a phone with so many features, there should be a battery able to keep it on and not a one which gives up before the sunset. Moto E will not ditch you on a long run as it comes with a 2390mAh battery to keep the phone working.

What’s inside is what matters. A 1.2 GHz Quad core processor is more than enough to start with. A right amount of brainy to be able to run your favorite apps with no lags and interruptions. Also, having the stock OS helps the phone’s processing, making the usability smoother.


But, what’s outside is appealing too. Moto E has fine dimensions and sleek-yet-strong design which easily slides into your pocket. The 4.5 inch touch screen makes it easy to single handedly use it. Just like its UI, the body too can be customized using the colorful changeable bands. In short, it is pocket-sized powerhouse.
Easy for pocket

Moto E is a budget phone. There would be no regrets about having spent too much on a phone, after owning this one. At this price, it’s a great deal to step into the world of smartphones. 

When it comes to choosing a smartphone, I look for the features that I would need, not what the advertisements tell I need. And, Moto E offers everything that my smartphone should have. 

So, if I had to choose a smartphone to start with, this is the one I would go for. 

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