Sunday, March 15, 2015

Together, We Rock

Hello Reader,

It was a usual Monday morning and my roommates were getting ready to go to their offices. But there was something else going on in my mind. I wanted to execute our unplanned plan of going to Manali.  As they were about to open the door to leave, I stopped them and said, “Okay, let’s go”. But, they did not believe me and left for their offices.  

I got up quickly and made a few important phone calls to my home and to my office to inform them that I‘ll be away for a while. Then I called up my friends who had left and asked them to return back home right away and pack their bags. And, yes they returned back home from their half ways.
By the dusk, we were already in the outskirts of Delhi. I looked out of the bus’s window and saw the people going back to their homes from work and I thought, “I would have been staring at a computer screen right now, had I not made this impromptu get away plan.”

Next morning, I was in a snow covered Manali with two of my good friends. Once we got down from the bus, we were surrounded by travel agents who showed us different packages and hotels. We made it clear to them that we are looking for places which are not too much crowded and wanted to go on the roads less taken. Although, it could not take place exactly how we expected as many roads were under repair work due to the weather conditions. But, we had the best three days ever. We strolled around the Manali town, talking to local people and eating the local dishes. We walked on the snow covered valleys and climbed up to a rocky cave we found on top of a waterfall, we sat there and just felt the solace. That’s what we were there for, to listen to the silence. We couldn’t have got a better get away from all the hustle-bustle of the city life. Talking to the local people, we learnt many new things. And, more importantly, we were together and letting ourselves go, something we don’t often get to do because of the hectic schedules.

We often make big issues out of small first-world-problems and lose all our hope and become gloomy. We think all the burden is on our shoulders even after having an access to all the resources. But, we should learn from those locals who are living on those hilly terrains with such less resources and yet, they are chilled out and stay happy. They are the ones who are living on the edge, every day.

So, after being at such heavenly place, with such lovely people, I was back with a lot of experiences and memories of the time spent together with my friends and I look up to live with much more optimism in everything I am working on.  


- Ashish

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