Sunday, January 13, 2013

India v/s Bharat

Hello Reader,

As a child, I always loved the fact that my country has so many names: India, Bharat and Hindustan. But, see what has this lead us to. Recently, we witnessed a variety of comments from a lot of our 'dignitaries' after the 'black dot' day. Here is a small recap of those fallacious comments:

"Don't live in India - Migrate to Bharat instead." - RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat

"Don't eat chowmein." - Khap Panchayat

"Don't go out with boys in the night."  - Abu Azmi of Samajwadi Party

"Don't wear jeans. Fashion is strictly prohibited." - too may people to mention

"Get married when you are 16 years old." - Another Khap Panchayat

"Don't use mobile." - Some Panchayat in UP and Rajasthan

"Don't cross Maryada." - MP Minister Kailash Vijayvargiya

"Say NO to anything remotely connected to western culture." - RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat

"Perform pooja to put 'stars' in correct 'position'." -Chhattisgarh Home Minister Nanki Ram Kanwar

and the most infamous "Call the criminal 'bhaiya' ." - Asaram Bapu 
This is not the first time that such a comment has been turned into a controversy. Even after so many paradigms been set in the past, these people are either dumb or too naive to understand that saying such things are not acceptable to the public. There might be a small group of people who still might second their third-class thoughts.

There is one common statement that we can abstract out of these hilarious ideas of safeguarding women and that is 'westernization of Indian culture'. Whenever they'll feel that they are losing an argument or have nothing else to say to protect themselves against allegations, 'culture' is the only wild card they use. Indian culture becomes greater than the law. If they say Bharat is a better place to live than i'India' (the westernized name), then I would very loudly and clearly like to ask about honor killings, dowry, child marriage, and killing a girl child. Is that what 'Bharat' offers?

Now, girls can't use cell-phones in some areas of UP and Rajasthan just because the Panchayat thinks it is infecting them with western culture. 51,000 /- fine for those who are caught marrying a person from other community. Get the girl married at 16 or even before that.

This is not acceptable. It is not the way 'Bharat' treats its people, its not even how 'India' treats its people. That is more a taliban-way of doing things. And why are these people allowed  to enforce such laws in their communities is still a question. 

The thoughts of these upper-hand people is too senile. They are still living in the same old era. This is one big reason for the Indian villagers being uneducated. When their head himself holds such egregious views for the society, no wonder how he would be misleading his followers and showcasing them a wrong picture of the world outside. And their minds will always see western culture as evil and Indian culture as the hero. They'll never ever learn that every culture has its own meanings and it has noting to do with being legal or illegal. A person wanting to marry outside his community is not what his/her culture supports but it is legal. Using cell-phone or wearing a jeans is not a crime. Crimes that take place have nothing to do with culture. If back then, India was Bharat and everybody so pure that they never crossed limits or committed any sin is noway true.

It was Bharat, where Draupadi was disrobed, Sita crossed the Lakshman Rekha and Kunti had pre-marital relation. These are i
ncidents from 
Ramayana and Mahabharata which are enough to prove them wrong.
We still live in the same old Bharat with a new name. Its about the mind set. With time, comes new trends and one cannot expect other to be living in a generation that is gone. Nobody is disrespecting the Indian culture expect the ones are are preaching it in a wrong way and using it for their own good.  And they deserve to be punished for dichotomy this country.



  1. It is an interesting read. The arguments citing characters in mythological stories are valid. This high handed diktats will only invite rebellion. And what with higher percentage of our population below the age of 35! The youth power could easily over throw the view of the older generation.

    The danger, however, is that it it looks like 'old versus young' game getting built up. Or, focus is on 'who is right?' Where as wisdom would lie is deliberating on 'what is right', and that would require setting parameters, sourced from both, the old and the young views to create safe, happy and sustainable society for all.

    1. true sir. It is really hard to send this message and get an agreement with so many different people with different psychs.


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