Friday, December 12, 2014

Be a Miracle worker

Hello Reader, 

It was the time when Anna Hazare’s Anti-corruption revolutionary act was in full throttle and majority of our countrymen seemed to be greatly inspired by the entire buzz going on, watching the new-age Satyagraha happening full-house in Delhi, live on their television screens, supported by superstars, activists and yoga gurus. The amazing part about such acts is that a lot of attention seeking pseudo-nationalists and politicians of the opposition parties, wanting to steal the thunder, start to join these campaigns and set a perfect example for us to realize and understand the Hindi proverb “behti Ganga mein haath dhona”. 

They never kept up with their pre-election campaign manifestos but were present, with their full energies, orating strongly written speeches, at any little gathering organized in support of Anna Hazare and his Anti-corruption Movement.  It was happening in every state and every small and big city. Conducted by either the local opposition parties or the vocal youth groups, these little campaigns, in support of the bigger cause, were happening everywhere.

It was happening in my hometown too. I was there at that time and I too had witnessed the sudden rise of patriotism in everybody. The local opposition party leaders set public stages for themselves where, using loudspeakers, they were telling people how if they would have voted for them, the state would have been free of corruption and would have made an exponential growth and blah-blah. At the same time, corruption was also in its good health. A private construction company was given a contract to build the sewerage system for the entire city, which till date is not in working condition.  And the people, resilient and helpless as always, accepted it and were happy with what was served to them. Nobody bothered to question the local politicians about all the money spent on constructing the sewerage system. People were too indulged in the twenty-four-seven media coverage of the Anti-corruption movement which pushed them into living in a delusional, dreamy Utopian society.

What was left behind, after all the heat chilled down, was the same old bad condition of roads, broken sewerage, unhygienic disposal of the city waste on barren lands and complaints of the citizens, unspoken to the deaf government.

Many Indian cities still have open drainage system which runs in front of every house in highly populated residential colonies. The waste water flow of these drains are often stuck due to the collection of polythene bags and other non-decomposing waste items which are contributed by nobody else but the same people residing in these populated colonies.

So, before complaining and blaming everything onto the government and municipal workers, one should make sure that they themselves are not involved in such wrong practices. At home level, it is every citizen’s duty to look forward that the waste produced at their residence every day is being disposed properly because, cleanliness begins at home. We all want our houses to be clean; ourselves to be clean and even our inner soul to be clean then why do we dirty the outsides?

Often it is seen that the garbage collected every day is thrown out, on open barren fields because there is scarcity of big common every street. Open drainage adds to the dirtiness and welcomes germs, mosquitoes, flies and diseases like Malaria, Diarrhea, Dengue etc. creating a totally unhygienic condition for living. Whenever someone wants to spit, spits. Where ever someone feels to pee, pees. They are habitual of doing it; for them it’s as casual as drinking water.And swags, spitting chewing gums, would kick a can of coke with their toes on the road and crush it with their canvas soles. And then someone would say Eww! Who wants to live at such a dirty place? You must visit ‘Merica, dude.” But, the swags won’t find cheap labour there, unlike here, where they would dirty the city all day and then numbers of poor sweepers, rag pickers and janitors would have to clean up all the mess.In train travels too, passengers often leave behind used or unwanted stuff on their berths before leaving and also, throw crushed plastic disposables, packets and bottles under their berths or out of the window from the moving train. Hypocrites are everywhere; culprits everyone. Nobody would step up to make a change, to stop someone from littering freely or for at least not dirtying the place. Those who actually and truly stand up are very few in number for cleaning such a big country. We need more volunteers for this good cause. And today sounds like a good day to begin. Are you in?
Well, let’s see what we can do at a basic level.

  1. Stop blaming the administration. Let us begin the work. We are equally responsible for it. 

 2. If there is scarcity of big common dustbin, try to contribute among your neighbours and buy one for everyone’s common use. 

 3. Don’t litter and don’t let litter. 

 Thanks to my young cousin, Shashank, for this one

  4. If you can’t clean, don’t dirty either. 

  5. Disposing the garbage properly. Organic wastes (vegetable waste, paper etc.) and Inorganic wastes(plastic, metallic objects etc.) should be separately treated. 

So, Volunteers, I hope you follow these steps regularly and we can hope for a clean, Swachh Bharat very soon. A great inspiration for us which I would like to mention is a group named ‘The Ugly Indian’ which is a Bangalore based community started with an aim of making our country cleaner by methods of spot fixing, repairing and following the motto: Stop speaking, Start Working. Kaam Chaalu, Muh Band. And after this initiative, a wave was spread all over the country and various small teams came up to clean and spot-fix their surroundings.

See what miracles can happen if we all unite for cleaning our mess ourselves. Here are a few before and after photos which portray the change, the beautification of the places which were ugly. These have taken place all over the country. 

Courtesy: The Ugly Indian

Our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi has already waved the green flag for the Swacch Bharat campaign which needs the participation of each and every person of this country. And now, the Olympic relay flame of bringing the much needed change has been taken over by Millennium’s Super Star Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, who is going to lead us for this nationwide campaign, in association with Dettol and NDTV. Banega #SwacchIndia. You must all participate.

I would like to sum up this post with a poem.

Here to a cleaner India. Swag स्वच्छ भारत, स्वतंत्र भारत।

Step up for this noble campaign,
Keep your surroundings neat and smugly
And don’t let anyone ask again,
How can you live in a city so ugly?

Don’t let the swags drain your brain,
Shun the red spits, ban the litterati
And don’t let anyone ask again,
Is that a contemporary graffiti?

Wait for none, Plant the grain,
It will grow into a United Dustbin
And don’t let anyone ask again,
Where should I throw the napkin?

Come on, Volunteer, let’s begin this chain
For a healthy, Cleaner India, less Cynical
And then, don’t let anyone ask again,
How is it like to witness a Miracle?


Thank you Indiblogger
Dettol and NDTV
for this promt.

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