Saturday, December 27, 2014

Telling Lies? Ha Ha Ha

Hello Reader,

There is a beautiful quote from the book ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini which says

“There is only one sin. and that is theft... when you tell a lie, you steal someones right to the truth.” 

I totally agree with this. We are always taught that we should not steal or do other bad things but nobody stops us from lying. We watch our parents and other relatives lie as we grow up and we follow them. Though they would never want you to lie but they might make you say that they are not at home in reply to the phone calls which they don’t want to answer.

If stealing and murdering is labelled as ‘committed sin’ then so is lying. You might say “but it’s not as serious as a murder” but there is no measure of a crime, right? And we all lie every day. It has become a part of human’s nature. Sometimes it saves, sometimes it doesn’t but saying a truth can save you a lot many lies that you have to bear with in the future. And to cover them, some more lies will be said. Telling a truth may be turbulent in the beginning for a while but on a long flight, it makes things easier to deal with.

I remember a lie which I told to my parents when I was a Class 1 kid. I asked for 5 rupees from my mother and told her that it is for a donation happening in the school. But, actually I had taken that money to buy Ice cream from the stall outside our school. I did this twice. And, second time my mother look at me in suspicion. I sensed that and explained her truth that I wanted to eat the ice cream. And then I closed my eyes and expected a slap hitting me soon. But, that’s not what happened; my mother smiled and asked my father to get ice cream for all of us. You see, telling the truth gained me an ice cream.

In a recent time, my old friend and I decided to meet up after a long time and watch a movie. The plan got procrastinated for the day and we didn’t meet. Though, I watched the movie with my other friends. I didn’t like the movie much and it was definitely only a one time watch. Next weekend, my old friend called again and asked if I would like to watch the movie. “Oh! Damn it”, I thought. I didn’t want to waste my money on that movie again. But, just for the sake of friendship, I agreed and called him home. When he reached I made up my mind and decided to tell the truth. I told him that I actually have already watched the movie and made a stupid face showing guilt.He laughed and said that it was alright and then we made another plan and called our other friends to meet up. We had a great evening. And once again, telling the truth at the right time saved my money which I would have spent watching that worthless movie again and also had a great time with all my friends.

So, tell the truth, it helps you light down the burden which remains otherwise. Of course, there are more lies which I have said and the truth is still hidden. I hope I ‘ll shed them too, someday, somehow.

Thank You Indiblogger and Kinley for this prompt.


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