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Safety OK Please

Hello Reader,
Working in an IT firm, once our team had to perform a skit on a fun event. We decided that we’ll work on an entertaining act which will also have an important social message for everybody. We all agreed to go with a message on road safety. Because, may be, we all knew that all other things can be taken care of but not accidents. And going by the definition of accident: it is an event that takes place without one’s foresight or expectation. Accidents are inevitable and you never know what it might do to one’s life.
Every day, numerous people move out of their houses in their cars or bikes, with certain personal responsibilities on their minds, helmets on their heads and seatbelts across their chests onto the crowded roads with unpredictable traffic. A man might have promised to his wife and child that he would be back early in the evening but he does not always gets to decide that. Some rash, drunken driver may change that man’s and his family’s fate forever. Even though, it would be unintentional.
Imagine if you are that person because of whom a wife lost her husband and a child lost its father. How hard would it be to live with that guilt? Once you go out on the road, another responsibility, apart from your personal ones, that should be on your mind is your fellow motorist’s safety.
To avoid these road hazards, one should always be aware of certain precautions and bring them to action every time they ignite a vehicle. Here are a few quick tips which you should keep in mind while driving your vehicle.
1.        Not Losing Temper
While driving, you should always be calm, composed and have a stable mind. Even if it is a bad day, you must not release your frustration while driving, be it raising pressure on the accelerator or applying sudden brakes. They are both injurious to the driver and the people around him.

2.        Don’t be rude, give way
If a fellow motorist or an ambulance alerts you, let them overtake you if it safe enough. Don’t race with them. If you see a car wanting to take a U-turn on a busy road, wait for them to pass. Being patient will make you a great driver. And also, you’ll earn respect and goodwill gestures from the fellow drivers.
3.       Knowing the Signs

If you are influential, getting a driving licence in India is very easy. Sometimes, the applicants don’t even have to take the driving test. They simply get it. Yes, can’t deny that, it is true. And once they get the license, not everybody cares to learn the basic signs and rules. If you see a sign alerting you about a school ahead, it is your duty to take it seriously and go slow and make no noise.


4.        Slowing down on turns
Because drifting looks good only in the movies like Fast and Furious. In real life, it can be lethal. It is always suggested to slow down the speed near dead turns, especially while driving in the valleys. Along with that, honking the horn and using dipper at the night helps notify your presence to the driver on the other side of the turn.
5.        No talking while driving

Phone calls can be postponed. Even though, hands-free earphones and speakers are available, it is always better to avoid the phone calls because it might steal away a lot of your concentration, you’d need to keep your eyes on the road. And, if it is really important, finding a safe spot on the roadside and stopping there to pick up your call is always advisable.

6.        Maintaining proper distance

We were always taught in the school, during the morning prayers, when we stood in queues that we should strictly maintain a one-hand distance among us, so as to not disturb the students next to us. A similar discipline is needed when you are driving. If a proper gap is not maintained, possibility is that you suddenly apply brakes after driving at a good constant speed and there is a car behind you, whose driver might not get enough time to react and would come dashing right into you.

7.        Don’t Rush and Rash
It is better to be late once than prefixing the tag ‘Late’ before one’s name forever, right? Everything can wait, so slow down your vehicles’ speeds and do not rush.
Many youngsters often get influenced watching their favourite star driving at a speed unreachable on Indian roads or cutting through, from between two cars. They watch it, love it and then repeat it. Nor is it as cool as it looks on the screen neither is it as safe as the stuntmen make it look. Rash driving should absolutely be avoided because there is no excuse for it.

8.        Drinking kills anyways

And, as I mentioned above, having a stable mind while driving is very important. After having a few drinks, you might feel like the king of the world but that would not immune you from any kind of unfortunate mishap. So, if you really can’t resist drinking at a party, better take a cab and save yourselves and the people, whom you might run over.

9.      Following lane discipline

      Frequently shifting the driving lane might confuse the other drivers. If you have to turn left ahead, move to the left lane slowly, giving the indicators. The sudden shift from the right lane to turn left is definitely a bad idea. Also, knowing the speed limits is very necessary, especially on the highways. Usually in India, the lanes from left to right are for 30, 60 and 90 km/h respectively. This is why the drivers driving the heavy trucks are advised to take the leftmost or the middle lane, so that the other lighter vehicles can overtake them, using the rightmost lane.


10.     Brace yourselves

Last but not the least; make sure that you are on a safe side. If you are on a bike, wear your helmet and if you are on a car, never forget to put on your seat belts and having air bags would be a plus point.

I hope that you’ll always follow these driving etiquettes whenever you go for your next drive and will always make sure that you being on the road should not trouble others.
Now, I would like to sum up my say in form of a short poem.
Enjoy and Drive Safe.
A smiling sun rises, you take a bow
Sipping morning tea, a face full of glee
Lost in all the zeal, you’d never know
From where, which tree might fall upon thee

To return back safely, to your Queen
Off to your battle, you take an earnest vow
Alas! You meet the mishap, unforeseen
And she cries out loud, “Oh! Dear, where art thou?”

God Forbid, let that just be a nightmare
Carry with you, your armour and your brace
Crown your head, and always be aware
Better late than Late, So, slow down you pace
Don’t fight against the fellow charioteers
Let no guilt kiss you, be spotless of disgrace
For welcoming death, become not volunteers
Yet Again, Slow, Steady and Safety, wins the race

Do you know about NSDF?
Nissan Safety Driving Forum is a campaign started in 2012 by the well renowned Car manufacturing company Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. It aims to promote safe driving practices and etiquettes in many major Indian cities. They look forward to spread the message of safety nationwide and their main concern is to change the mindset of the masses who many a times neglect being cautious.

You can read more about the Forum here: NSDF
I ‘d like to thank NSDF
and IndiBlogger for this promt.

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