Thursday, December 18, 2014

E-Books V/s Paperbacks

Hello reader,

I have been stuck in this dilemma a thousand times.  I can say that almost every bibliophile would have definitely pondered this question at least once: E-books or Paperbacks? 

I personally love paperbacks. I love strolling through the bookshelves in bookstores or libraries. I can never be bored of doing that. Browsing through the shelves, I find more than what I want. I have never returned empty handed from any bookstore, even if I ever entered a store with no intention of buying. The feel and sound of the turning pages is unmatched. I want the pages of the books I own to turn yellowish as the time flows and the books, which I home in my own little library, to grow old with me. 

E-book readers, on the other hand, will not change. They are synthetic, virtual and plastic. I am not against technology but I can only think of inorganic terms when I think of reading an e-book. But, I do not want to be biased to my personal preference of buying paperbacks (Yes, I love to stack them in my little book shelf but E-book readers were also invented for the lovers of books). So, let us see the positive features of an e-book reader. 

1.       Enlightens in darkness too

Most of the e-book readers come with a backlight so that you do not have to wait if there is no electricity, or if your roommate is annoying you to switch off the lights and sleep.

2.       Easily Slides into your Pocket

E-book readers are very portable devices. And, once you buy a book, you can access it from any device. With the apps like Amazon Kindle, you can carry all your books anywhere, even without anybody noticing you smuggling them or having to pay to the airline companies for extra luggage.

3.       Never be lost again

If you are reading and suddenly someone knocks at your door and tells you that you have been summoned to save the world, you can easily give a pause to your reading, go save the world and continue where you left, without forgetting.

4.       Escalates quickly

E-books increase the speed of your reading. You can zoom in and concentrate on fewer words at a time. You give them more space and they stay with you forever.

5.       Words have two meanings

E-book readers come with in-built dictionary. So, you tap on any word and you’ll know what all it means. The thick Oxford dictionaries can rest back in your bookshelves while you are on a move.   

6.       Blink and buy

Buying books from online stores is faster, easier and cheaper. Yes, welcome laziness. Lie back in your warm, cosy blankets on cold winters days and download e-books. 

But, even after all this; I still love the smell of paperbacks, and collecting them one by one and stacking them up. We use electronic devices all day, in everything we do; for listening to music, for watching movies, for playing games, for writing and for official work too. So, I would like to spare reading from that and stick to the old way of reading text, printed on pages. 

I would like to know your preference too. So, please vote in the following poll (also, leave comments):

What do you prefer? E-book or Paperback?
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  1. I love paperbacks too. But I do love the way I can save, bookmark, add notes, highlight, share my thoughts, read others' thoughts, find and buy books immediately on my e-reader. But the comfort of a good paperback in my hands, feel of the paper, the wait to turn the page simply makes it simply more interesting and comforting for me than the e-reader. And I always find me remembering the details of the story better in a paperback rather than from the e-reader! Even going back to the page to look back on the details was somehow easier with a paperback.

  2. Thanks, Meoww, for sharing your thoughts. :) and yes, I forgot to add the features like highlighting and connecting with friends, which you mentioned. Thank you So Meowwch.

  3. My vote is always for books....the smell of new books..the joy of turning pages..I love it !

  4. My vote is too for the paper backs :)