Thursday, December 15, 2011

The C word

Hello Reader

In my last post, I narrated the story of onions. It was about how they were considered untouchables during Hindu rituals. And onions were never added in the food prepared for Hindu Brahmans.
Similarly, like onions, years ago in India, people were categorized. The rich, the landlords and the poor, their servants. The poor became the backward category and untouchables. This trend was followed after that and is still being followed.
But now, the scenario is completely different. The people then poor worked hard through ages and with the help of affordable education policies run by government, got educated and rich.
After the Independence, once a proper government was stabilized in India, all those poor people started getting reservations. The categories were named Scheduled castes (SC), tribes (ST) and Other backward classes(OBC).
And I think it was a thoughtful decision by the government to give reservation as a tribute to the hard work they did for the richer people for ages.
The reservation till their lives got stable was proper. The reservation till they could earn enough to satisfy their basic needs was proper.
But today, even if a person is rich and falls under on of the three categories gets reservation.
Now, this is not at all thoughtful. This is rather stupid.
This is the time where only those people should get reservation who are economically backward or below poverty line. But this is not happening. Even a person who calls himself SC, ST or OBC, earning more than a general category person gets reservation.
Why does he need that?
If a person is economically poor he should be given reservation because he cannot afford to get education. But why should a person get reservation of seats in a college or a competitive exam if he can get and afford good education?

When I appeared for AIEEE exam 3 years ago. The cutoff for eligibility was 100 for me.
80 for an OBC category candidate and 44 for a SC/ST candidate.
I don't see any sense in categorizing people on the basis of caste..
If someone is poor, he should be helped.
But the rich people can help themselves.
And all SC, ST and OBC people are not poor! So Why reservation?

What should be done?
The categories such as SC and ST should be removed completely. There should be only Two based on the individuals economic stability. If a person is really poor and cannot afford proper education. He should get it.
And the rich people who consider themselves under those categories should get it themselves if they really are bright rather than enjoying the shortcuts.

Why is this not possible?
Everything comes and ends at only one thing: MONEY.
And even behind all this, lies big amount of money. Till the government waves green flag for reservation, they 'll be getting more and more votes to be in power and take in more and more money to eat.

What to do now?
Chuck it. Let it be as it is and move on with whatever you get. Nothing can be done until people widen the narrow paths inside their minds and build a new smart n wide highways,
until people delete the C word from everywhere.



  1. Yes. The Reservation system has completely turned the tables and it only prevents students with real talent from coming up. the entire system should be abolished. Only exceptional cases should be considered, like Students with good marks but who cannot afford the Education.

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