Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Poem: Words get Bitter

Hey Reader,
a small poem describing my anger towards everything that was happening against my wish. Now i don't want to keep it inside me.

Of the many avatars,
Here is one more of mine.
Talking to me and to all others around,
Loud, clear and fine.

The time is now past,
for you, to test me.
The time is now past,
For me, to tolerate you.

Smile is what the world can see,
Not, what’s on the backstage.
The cover may be dancing free
But the pages are burning with rage.

Give me a will against my heart
And watch it pump the venomous blood.
Boiling inside for too long, is desperate,
to flow out like a flood.

The time is now,
For you, to listen
The time is now,
For me, to spit it out

My world has made me think so dark
That even the brightest day has lost its spark.
The poisonous words are waiting like a dart
To poke,
right in the middle of your heart.


  1. Lovely.....

  2. It's sensitive, sensible, & yet beautiful! :)

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