Saturday, December 24, 2011

The two faces

Hello reader,

Today, I want to talk about evil, Satan and being bad.
Ravan had 10 heads, Voldemorte had 7 lives and each one of us has two personalities: A good and an evil one. It is always said that evil, seldom loses to good. But in recent times I don’t see that happening. People love the evil, the black. People want to be bad. It happens when the evil part of you attracts your mind more than your good side. It’s up to you to choose with path to follow. Mostly it may attract to the evil side because from the outside, it looks lovely. And what people first look at is the cover page, not the contents. The path of evil is a shortcut to what you want. Like, you find a wallet lying in your college campus with the same amount of cash you are in need of. What would you do? Keep it for yourself or return it to the person it belongs to? It all depends on what your mind bids for at that moment. Where there is good, there is evil too.

That’s why, when Shahrukh Khan plays the character of Don on screen and loots a bank or kills his enemies, people love it. They like their favourite star playing bad sometimes. Where, the bad Don never dies. Being bad is now a style and especially when we have trend setter like Shahrukh himself. The movie was awesome with international quality cinematography. I loved it. And so are the stories written where almost every time the villain is showcased as more powerful. Although in the end, as we have seen in the movies, it’s the white which always wins. But people know evil never dies. And again every time an evil takes birth in different avatars, a hero is born to finish its story.

Today, in India, resides a villain, a terrorist, who was responsible of killing hundreds of people. He has been kept safe and it is taking ages for Indian officials to prove his crime. He is not the only one, there are many like him who feel safe living a luxurious life in Indian jails. So what is happening now is that evil is being kept in like our own guests and are being fed healthily. I don't see the evil losing. Where are our heroes? Heroes have chosen the path of evil too i guess. Everybody knows how corrupt the politicians are, common man always curses them, but do they ever think if they are at the same position with all that black money, would they not think about the personal pleasures? It’s all about where their mind asks them to go. And the evil welcomes with wide open arms. Why wouldn’t evil grow?

Now, in modern India, even the pub culture is an evil. Drinking and smoking wasn’t really a common activity a few years ago. The youth gets attracted to it. Then they look for the next level in being bad. And when the future of India has no problem in getting committed to evil, why wouldn’t evil grow?
I guess I am too good to see the evil win. I always try not to choose the evil.
It’s time to discover and erase your inner Satan. It is really powerful and it grows. But we are gifted with the angelic part too. Let the evil not take over that. We all have a hero inside, don’t we?
It’s all up to our decision and then why wouldn’t the angel grow?