Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Story of Onions

Hello reader,

This is a tale which my mother once told to me. It is about onions. In Hindu culture, in some traditional poojas when the food is prepared, onions are not included in the ingredients. And this story tells us why they are not included.
Of course, this is NOT how my mother narrated the story to me...

"Many years ago, somewhere, someone threw a grand party, a luncheon where all the great gods and goddesses were invited. Everybody gathered in the great hall to gulp in the free lunch.

And back there, in the kitchen the chefs were busy preparing the food with utmost care. There was this store room where all the raw stuff was dumped together. Vegetables, grains, fruits, meat, chicken etc. were all kept in the same room. Though the vegetables were kept separate from the raw non-veg stuff.
Two of the onions rolled down to the other side. These two onions of the lot were in love and decided to cross the boundary. Forgetting about all rules and customs, the two onions ran away to the other side of the room, where all the non-veg stuff was kept to live a happy life together.
And then, some agent found out about it and informed it to the host. They couldn't stand the fact that the two onions were happily enjoying their life in the non-veg world and they decide to cut them from the community for crossing the limits and not only those two onions suffered but their entire family of onions became a disgrace to the society, even their descendants had to bear the pain.
And from then on, onions were never used while cooking in the typical Hindu customary, rituals and Poojas."

These onions made me cry :'(



  1. Hahaa, very cute Story. I have another story on Onions.
    Once Onion, Tomato and Carrot were walking on the Road. A huge Truck came along and went atop the carrot and it died.
    Tomato and Onion Cried a lot for their lost friend.
    Some days later- Tomato got mashed under an animal Foot. Sad Onion started to cry and cried non stop for many days.
    One day God appeared before the Onion and asked why he was not able to overcome the grief?
    Onion Replied - Carrot died, 2 of us cried, tomato died- i cried, if I die- who will cry.
    God said -Everytime you die, each one will cry
    From then on.. we cry when we chop onions.

    1. Nice one. :D
      Thankyou for sharing that.

    2. It's a really nice story Viyoma, and I'm gonna narrate it to all my little cousins :D

    3. Even, I have read this story in my child hood, but instead of carrot, there was ice cream, when onion and ice cream went for a walk, ice cream melted and died and onion cried. :)

  2. Interesting story, the add-on from Viyoma too.

    1. thankyou ... keep reading and inspiring, sir :D

  3. Hehee it was so cute :-) I never heard that b4.. keep it up..thanx for sharing...will narrate this to the kids of my house too :-)

    Shilpi Dutta

  4. Now this is totally new to me. And really cute :D

    1. haha. ya...funny thing is the superstition they still believe in ...:D

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