Saturday, December 10, 2011

A house made of ash

Hello reader

Behind my college campus, at a very walk-able distance, there is a multistoried building. The owner lives in the ground floor with his family. On the ground floor there is also a shop where you get all the daily needs.
Daily needs like cigarettes.

Let me take you to the flashback.
A very innocent me joined the college. And every time a senior asked me if i smoke. I had a very obvious no in my answer. But soon I came to know about the number of people addicted to smoke. In my hostel, in my classroom, smokers were everywhere, everywhere around me. And the number always increased. You like it or not, smoke takes you in. You yourself may not smoke but you will be a part of passive smoking which is very bad.
Then I came to know about the spots where smokers jam. One of them is the shop i mentioned. It used to be a single story house with a small shop in the front when I was in the first year. Then soon the owner got a sparking idea and he started selling cigarettes. He made it convenient for the students and some faculty of our college to go and have a puff or two in every break or lunch time. And even the hostel guys didn't have to go out kilometers in search of cigarettes. It was just a blink away.
And the owner of the house is now earning big time.

And today, after 2 years, that house is now a 3 storied building. Nearly of the same height like that of my hostel building. And soon, he'll be giving the rooms for rent for the students of our college in a cheaper rate. Then those students will also be seduced by the smoke and add profit for the owner.
When you go near to that shop, you'll find the thousands of burnt cigarette buds lying on he ground everywhere. The ash of which helped the owner to grow big.

The biggest irony about this is even though it is clearly mentioned that 'smoking is injurious to health' with a picture of lung on the packet, people still buy it and suicide. And this dirty addiction is being properly used by the people who want to grow in fast rate. Even the government. They earn big profit from it. As it gets high taxes on the sale of each packet. That is why cigarettes are never banned no matter how dangerous they are to those who consume it and even to those who don't.

Anyways it is solving the two important issues of the country by reducing population and growing economy.
Everyone is building houses. Houses made up of ash.


  1. People are building houses made up of ash, made up of ghutka, made up of drugs,of illegal felling of trees, mining, made up of slavery, of bonded labour. Of corrupt earnings.:-)

    The more the glamour, the more the way that came from. Houses can speak, but we need to listen.


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