Friday, December 23, 2011

Mirror, Diary and Headphones

Hello Reader

Many at times, the only person you want to be with is yourself.
Only you and nobody around.
Mostly when you are not happy or angry. May be your loved one ditches you, something not happening like you wish the things to go like.
Sadness is a part of life for every human. Only difference is the period of sadness. For some, it remains for too long and they ultimately start being alone and away from the rest of the world around them, shattered.

Otherwise, people always celebrate their life, every moment.
And even after the loud parties and joyous rides, one always seeks peace, silence, some time to spend with themselves.

And in all these times there are some very precious accessories and stuff which they always want to be with them in those lonely times. Those non living items carry a lot of emotions. They are just a medium to talk to yourself. Introspect and reveal yourself to yourself. In knowing the people around, we forget to think about ourselves. And then these mediums help you to discover yourself.

Mirrors. When you look into a mirror, it doesn't just tells you whether you are looking good for the party or not but it tells a lot more. When you look into your own eyes, you get to know if you are being true to yourself. It shows us our real face. Even the professional dancers and actors rehearse in front of a mirror before they go for the actual performance on stage before the crowd. When you are on a phone call with your loved one, look at yourself and it will show you, your emotions. Smile?

Diaries. Diaries can be your best friend once you put forward your hand to it and it won't deny your friend request. When nobody is with you to share or you don't want certain things to go public then all you need to do is ink out everything on your mind into your diary. And diary may show you a way, lead you out of the darkness and solve all your problems. Believe me, diaries talk. When you have something inside which is burning you. Hold a pen and start scribbling all that on to your dear diary. And then your tears start flowing faster than the ink off the nib and you feel relieved. Sad?

Headphones. Depending on the mood, people select their playlist and songs. The lyrics convey the same message they want to read, the same emotion they want to feel. A punk emo follower listens to a hard rock metal scream at a corner of a deserted place, a usual sad person may walk along a silent road and listen to some sad, blue song and a very happy person may find himself dancing in middle of a crowded bus stop and people staring. It all depends and headphones are the medium which connects you to that emotion and makes you feel every note of music that enters your head. And as the music plays, you walk along, not thinking about the random people around you, the music plays only for you, the lyrics match and you walk along with the beats...apni hi shun mein. Lost?

This Christmas, fall in love with yourself. Lets get committed...



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