Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Pub Culture

Hello reader,

People are either happy or sad. When happy, they drink. When sad, they drink.
It's like saying "I drink only twice a year. One, when it rains and second, when it doesn't."

And Pubs provide the space, the privacy, the comfort zone for that.

College event? Festival? End of exams? Birthday party? a free Weekend?
There is only one way to celebrate...
"Let's Booze!"
Boozing is no more a bad word or taboo from a youth's point of view. Plus to add on to it the number of pubs opening up are attracting more and more teenagers to let the divine liquid flow down their esophagus. The pubs too have lot many attractive offers which at least, the girls cant put down. Happy hours where you get discount on beer!!
The evil inside you grows big, the door of the pub opens automatically, you are pushed in and before your 'angel' part can stop you, you'll be in a completely new world. Dim and colorful lighting, high bass music, smoke and that smell.

Tension at work? tension with friends? tension in a relationship?
There is only one way to tolerate...
"Let's Drink!"
However deep misery you may be going through, you'll be dancing with your friends to the loud foot tapping bang-bang beats. This is the new trend. After a full busy hectic week, all one needs is a drink. To forget it all for some time.

A few years ago, this surely wasn't a common activity. Things have changed, people who never drank were considered to be well mannered and good people and now the one who drinks more becomes the hero.
But even today, go and ask a random middle aged or old person about it and they surely will have a problem and probably call it against the Indian culture.
But the youth have been falling for the western culture from ages. Be it the western music, way of dressing, then eating, so after all these globalization and cosmopolitanism in the society, the pub culture had to come. And it is slowly climbing the steps, one by one. Another plug-in to the Indian culture.

Yahan 'rab' bhi hai aur PUB bhi ;)


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